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Revolutionising IT Efficiency: Embrace XLA

Experience Level Agreement (XLA®) Foundation

Our two-day Experience Level Agreement (XLA®) Foundation training course will teach you the purpose, principles, value and best practices of Experience Management (XM) and Experience Level Agreement (XLA®). Including the respective XLA® value drivers. Consisting of five phases that we will discuss in detail regarding the concepts of Experience Level Agreement (XLA®) Foundation, you will be provided with assignments that will enable you to put theory into practice and empower you with the tools needed to implement the definitive experience for your customers, employees, and partners.


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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Experience Level Agreements (XLAs) are a reimagining of SLAs that focus on what’s most important to end-users. Within these XLA targets are end-user-centric metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) focusing on the perceived quality of IT services and support. They measure the performance of IT by quantifying the end-user experience and IT service outcomes. Ultimately, XLAs measure performance in outcome and value terms, whereas SLAs usually focus on operations and outputs