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Problem Management & Root Cause Analysis Techniques Workshop Training Course

2-day Problem Management and Root Cause Analysis Techniques Workshop


Our 2-day interactive workshop will provide you with a practical approach to applying well established root cause analysis principles and techniques. This will allow you to identify the sources of recurring incidents and problems and reduce service downtime.

This workshop builds upon the ITIL® guidance for Problem Management, explaining how to determine the root causes of incidents and problems using a variety of proven techniques, including Kepner-Tregoe, Ishikawa, Pareto Analysis and a number of popular individual and group brainstorming techniques.

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You can book this course and hold it in credit until you have decided on a specific course date. Alternatively, please view our other course dates.
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2 Days
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Course Outline

The 2-day workshop will include:

  • An introduction to the Incident and Problem Management processes
  • The Incident Management process
    • Impact, Urgency and Priority
    • Incident Matching
    • When to raise a problem record
  • The purpose of Problem Management
  • Problem Management Triggers
  • The Concepts & Objectives of Problem Management
  • Exploring both the Reactive & Proactive Scope of Problem Management
  • The Problem Management Process
    • Logging
    • Categorisation
    • Prioritisation
    • Initial Diagnosis
    • Known Errors and Workarounds
    • Escalation
    • Closure
  • Tool requirements
  • Problem Management RCA Techniques:
    • Pareto Analysis
    • Pain Value analysis
    • Brainstorming
    • Chronological Analysis
    • Technical Observation
    • Ishikawa Diagrams
    • Affinity Mapping
    • Fault Isolation
    • Five whys?
    • Hypothesis Testing
    • Kepner-Tregoe
  • Practical application of Problem Management in the 'real world'.


      Our workshop is delivered through instructor-led discussions, numerous case studies, practical examples and group exercises.

      By participating in this workshop you can expect to gain an understanding of how to improve service availability through efficient, effective identification of root causes using various problem investigation methods such as Kepner-Tregoe, Ishikawa diagrams, and the 5 Whys.

      You will gain an understanding of which techniques are most useful for different types of problems and when it’s appropriate to undertake root cause analysis. You will also identify barriers to effective problem solving and how to overcome them and information gathering techniques – basically by asking the right questions to the right people at the right time.

      The workshop will explain how to use different data sources that will be useful in identifying root causes and identifying problems

      We will also identify tool requirements for improving and supporting Problem and Knowledge Management.

      About the Course

      The 2-day workshop will focus on the practical aspects of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) including how to effectively link Problem, Incident and Knowledge Management and design procedures to ensure the right information is gathered to aid in effective RCA.

      We will also outline the critical success factors for successful RCA and help establish guidelines for when Problem Management and root cause analysis should be use.

      Throughout the workshop there will be opportunities to practice many of the RCA principles and techniques.

      Who Should Attend

      This workshop will be most applicable to those working in Incident and Problem Management who have responsibility for RCA, improving service availability and reliability and reducing risk.

      Materials Provided

      Full course materials will be provided including:

      • Comprehensive course folder
      • Worked RCA examples
      • Handouts
      • Notes

      Organisational Benefits

      Organisational benefits will include:

      • Improved service availability due to the prevention of recurring incidents and problems.
      • Increased user and customer satisfaction.
      • Reduce operational costs and lowered (TCO) Total Cost of Ownership due to the implementation of permanent solutions.
      • Reduced cost-savings due to reduction in re-work.
      • More efficient use of people resources – as less time is spent reacting to recurring incidents and problems, more time is available for proactive efforts.
      • Continual improvement efforts for design and transition can be identified, thereby positively impacting future changes and services.
      • Reduction in service downtime/increased availability:
        • Reduces loss of user productivity
        • Prevents potentially more severe impact, such as loss of revenue or profit opportunities
        • Supports the achievement of business outcomes

      Individual Benefits

      Individual benefits will include:

      • Gaining the skills and knowledge required to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Problem Management and Incident Management.
      • Improving your ability to correctly and efficiently identify root cause.
      • You will also gain an improved understanding of appropriate root cause analysis techniques and principles.


      There are no pre-requisites, although an understanding of ITIL® processes and principle to Foundation level will be an advantage.


      There is no pre-reading

      Exam Overview

      There is no exam with this workshop

      Exam Type

      No Exam

      Professional Development Units - PDUs

      None apply at present



      Next Steps

      You may wish to consider The ITIL® Intermediate course Operational Support & Analysis or the BCS Specialist Certificate in Problem Management.


      By the end of this 2-day RCA workshop you will have gained a thorough understanding of what Root Cause Analysis actually is, when and where it should be applied, and how you can apply the different RCA techniques covered in the workshop for maximum business benefit.

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      Problem Management & Root Cause Analysis Techniques Workshop

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      Problem Management & Root Cause Analysis Techniques Workshop

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