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BCS Foundation Award - AI And The Digital Eco System Training Course

Develop Your Understanding Of AI & Machine Learning


BCS Membership Offer: If you do not hold a BCS certification and successfully pass the examination for this training course - you will be given one year's complementary BCS Membership. This offer is only valid for your first BCS qualification.

A digital ecosystem is fundamental to the operations of any modern business, and with the addition of AI it has the capability to enable an organisation to better service its customers and manage its data.

The BCS Foundation Award - AI And The Digital Eco System introduces the key concepts associated with AI and explores its relationship with the systems and processes that make up the digital ecosystem.

It will consider how AI can empower organisation to utilise Big Data through the use of Business Analysis and Machine Learning, and encourages candidates to consider a future vision of the world that is powered by AI.

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Exam Included
3 Days
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Course Syllabus

1. Key Components Of AI

You will be able to:

1.1 Recall the general definition of human intelligence. (see Encyclopaedia Britannica)

1.2 State a general definition of artificial intelligence and how it relates to human intelligence

1.3 Describe how the following are used within an application of Artificial intelligence; Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Knowlewdge-Based systems , Robotics and Automation.

2. AI And The Digital Ecosystem

You will be able to:

2.1 Explain what a digital ecosystem is.

2.2 Describe an ecosystem mindset.

2.3 Identify how AI can facilitate a digital ecosystem that works intuitively.

2.4 Discuss why you might make use of AI to create a digital ecosystem as a driver or enabler.

3. The Relationship Between AI And Data

You will be able to:

3.1 Explain data infrastructure with specific relevance to Big Data

3.2 Describe the following concepts within data architecture

3.3 Suggest ways in which AI can support in the utilisation of Big Data.

3.4 Recognise different approaches used within the testing of AI systems

4. The Potential Future Of AI

You will be able to:

4.1 Identify industries that can invest in AI.

4.2 Recognise the role of AI in raising human intelligence.

4.3 Explain the concept of digital singularity.

4.4 Explain the need for individuals and organisations to maintain and update their skills and knowledge in relation to current and emerging technologies.

4.5 Identify the role the IT professional plays in supporting a utopian future with AI.

Learning Outcomes

This award sits within the Machine learning & Other AI Techniques area of the AI Foundation Pathway, providing core understanding of what we mean by AI, how it’s used by organisations now and what it holds for the future.

You'll learn about:

  • Key components of AI
  • AI and the IT ecosystem
  • The relationship between AI and data
  • The potential future of AI

Who Should Attend

  • Business professionals looking for a clearer understanding of AI and how it can transform their business
  • IT Practitioners planning to transition to a role in which they’ll be working with AI or machine learning
  • Anyone who wants to know more about the power of artificial intelligence and its potential in our society

What's Included

  • BCS Foundation Award - AI And The Digital Eco System Materials
  • BCS Foundation Award - AI And The Digital Eco System Examination

Entry-Level Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this award. However, some professional experience in a business or IT environment may be advantageous.

Recommended Reading

The following titles are suggested reading for anyone undertaking this award. You should be encouraged to explore other available sources.

Title: The Singularity is Near

Author: Raymond Kurzweil

Publisher: Duckworth

Publication Date: March 2006

ISBN: 0715635611

Title: Human Compatible: AI and the problem of control

Author: Stuart Russell

Publisher: Allen Lane

Publication Date: October 2019

ISBN: 0241335205

Title: Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Author: Max Tegmark

Publisher: Penguin

Publication Date: July 2018

ISBN: ISBN: 9780141981802

Title: Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI

Author: Paul R. Daugherty and H. James Wilson

Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press

Publication Date: March 2018

ISBN: 1633693864

Title: The Forth Industrial Revolution

Author: Klaus Schwab

Publisher: Currency

Publication Date: January 2017

ISBN: 9781524758868

Exam Information

Type: 16 Multiple Choice Questions, 2 Scenario Based Questions

Duration: 30 Minutes

Supervised: Yes

Open Book: No (no materials can be taken into the examination room)

Passmark: 13/20 (65%)

Delivery: Digital Format Only.

Exam Type

Proctored Exam


BCS Foundation Award - AI And The Digital Eco System

What's Next

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Additional Information

You will develop your understanding of AI to fully comprehend the concept of artificial intelligence, how it fits into the digital ecosystem, and its relationship with data - plus take a look at what’s next for AI development in organisations.

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