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This award sits within the Machine Learning & Other AI Techniques area of the AI Foundation Pathway and offers an essential technical education to support your next career move.

You’ll learn about:

  • What Machine Learning Is
  • Coding For Machine Learning
  • Algorithms Used In Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning In Practice

1. What Is Machine Learning?

You will be able to:

1.1 Define Machine Learning.
1.2 Explain different applications of Machine Learning.
1.3 Describe the role of a Learning Agent.
1.4 Explain the concept of Deep Learning
1.5 Describe the purpose of a Neural Network.
1.6 Illustrate how Machine Learning compliments Knowledge-Based Systems
1.7 Explain the process through which Machine Learning works with Data.

2. Coding For Machine Learning

You will be able to:

2.1 Explain the use of at least one coding language used in machine learning.
2.2 Identify common open source and proprietary software used in coding for Machine Learning.

3. Algorithms Used In Machine Learning

You will be able to:

3.1 Explain the use of mathematics in enabling a machine to solve numerical problems.
3.2 List and describe typical algorithms used in Machine Learning
3.3 Describe Supervised, Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised learning

4. Machine Learning In Practice

You will be able to:

4.1 Describe a particular problem that can be addressed through the use of Machine Learning
4.2 Outline typical tasks required in the preparation of data for developing a particular application of Machine Learning.
4.3 Explain the process of training a Machine Learning model.
4.4 Explain the process of testing a Machine Learning model
4.5 Discuss how to evaluate the results of testing in order to identify the information to be shared

  • Those who need to develop their understanding of the more technical aspects of AI or gain insight into one of its component parts
  • Business professionals looking to transition their career into a role which encompasses AI
  • Individuals with an interest in AI and a background in science, engineering, knowledge engineering, finance, education or IT services
  • BCS Foundation Award - Machine Learning Materials
  • BCS Foundation Award - Machine Learning Examination

There are no specific entry requirements for this award. However, some professional experience in a business or IT environment may be advantageous.

The following titles are suggested reading for anyone undertaking this award. You should be encouraged to explore other available sources.

Title: Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow: Concepts, Tools, and Techniques to Build Intelligent Systems
Author: Aurélien Géron
Publisher: O’Reilly
Publication Date: 2017
ISBN: 1491962291

BCS Foundation Award - Machine Learning Examination:

  • Type: 16 Multiple Choice Questions, 2 Scenario Based Questions
  • Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Supervised: Yes
  • Open Book: No (no materials can be taken into the examination room)
  • Pass Mark: 13/20 (65%)
  • Delivery: Digital Format Only.

Candidate Responsibilities

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Proctored Exam
BCS Foundation Award - Machine Learning

The term “Machine Learning” has increased in popularity in the last decade and is a technology which is becoming more commonly used within many organisations. With its ability to help solve business problems and develop new customer experiences, there is now a greater demand for individuals with the knowledge and skills to support organisations to successfully implement the technology to deliver improvements.

Our BCS Foundation Award - Machine Learning training course will enable you to understand these concepts at a foundation level, enabling them to be better informed and equipping them with knowledge which they build upon through further study and application.

BCS Foundation Award - Machine Learning FAQS

Our BCS Foundation Award - Machine Learning training course is delivered over three days.


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