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We can create a personalised training path for you based on your job role.


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Certifications

This bite-size learning pathway is a practical and convenient way to build your knowledge of AI, enabling you to work confidently, competently and responsibly in and alongside AI development.

About Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is a powerful tool that increasingly supports our way of life, at home and in the workplace. From predicting the weather and monitoring our heating, to collating election results, scanning faces on CCTV and analysing vast amounts of customer data, AI is applied by both businesses and consumers to manage complex activities with speed, efficiency and precision.

In such a fast-moving and complex field, the challenge is in understanding the evolving uses of AI and the far-reaching ethical implications. The reality today is that AI is being implemented by teams and organisations who don’t yet comprehend its potential. By the same token, consumers are adopting AI technology without knowing the true impact it could be having on their lives.

According to a report from Price-Waterhouse-Coopers (PwC - July 2018) Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to create more than 7 Million new UK jobs in healthcare, science and education by 2037, more than making up for the jobs lost in manufacturing and other sectors through automation.

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly moving from science fiction to science fact and everyone need to understand how AI can be applied to their organisations to position them for the future. We as individuals also need to look at the opportunities which will emerge from these technology changes embrace the future. New job opportunities will emerge in designing, testing and implementing AI, also working alongside it.

What's The Benefits Of The AI Foundation Pathway?

The BCS AI Foundation Pathway enables you to develop a solid understanding of this cutting-edge technology through efficient bite-size learning. The unique approach lets you select the learning that’s relevant to your own career or user journey, as and when you need it, and without having to sit a full certification.

You may be starting out in your AI career looking to build core knowledge, or you work in one of the many business areas impacted by AI - business analysis, software testing, agile, user experience to name just a few - and you need to grasp a better understanding. Maybe you’re a tech consumer simply interested in this exciting and innovative field. Whichever your perspective, the AI Foundation Pathway offers the ideal route for your AI education.

  • Bite-size learning is proven as an efficient and highly effective way to develop your knowledge and skills
  • The AI pathway takes a holistic approach encompassing the different ways of working and thinking in the field
  • You can develop knowledge in your chosen area of AI, without having to invest the time and money you’d need to sit a full certification
  • It’s a practical alternative to university study, and a fantastic opportunity to kickstart your AI career

How Does The AI Foundation Pathway Work?

Choose from 12 awards set within four key areas of AI:

Each of the 12 awards is a qualification in its own right, carrying between 3 and 5 credits.

By taking four awards (20 credits), one in each key area, you’ll gain the BCS Artificial Intelligence (AI) Foundation.

Continuing further along the pathway, by taking eight awards (36 credits) you can achieve a Foundation Diploma in AI.

BCS Artificial Intelligence(AI) Training Pathway