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Team Training

Purple Griffon offers a spectrum of group training solutions customised to your specifications. Our offerings include on-site sessions, facilitating our presence at your designated venue, along with the option of exclusive virtual courses dedicated solely to your company. This delivers a notably cost-effective approach for group training needs. Furthermore, we are able to tailor training to align precisely with your unique business prerequisites, ensuring a bespoke and optimal learning experience.

The merits of opting for our on-site training option are particularly pronounced when it comes to instructing larger cohorts, offering a range of strategic advantages:

  1. Elimination of Travel Time and Expenses: With training taking place at your chosen location, the need for extensive travel is eliminated, leading to significant time and cost savings for your team.
  2. Avoidance of Accommodation Costs: On-site training spares your team the need for external accommodations, yielding cost efficiencies while maintaining comfort and convenience.
  3. Convenience for Your Team: Training conducted on-site ensures that your team members can seamlessly integrate their learning with their daily routines, minimising disruption.
  4. Reduced Costs Relative to Public Courses: The economics of on-site training can prove more favorable, especially for larger groups, as expenses per participant can be notably lower than enrolling in public courses.
  5. Enhanced Focus on Specific Challenges: Our trainers can hone in on the unique challenges faced by your organisation, ensuring that the training content and delivery are finely tuned to address your precise needs.

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