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Our two-day Sustainable Green IT Workshop will teach you current best practice for sustainability management.

The outline for our Two-Day Sustainable Green IT Workshop

Day 1: Understanding Green IT and Environmental Impact

Introduction to Green IT

Welcome and Introduction to Workshop Objectives

Overview of Green IT Concepts and Importance

Session 1: Environmental Impact of IT

Exploring the Environmental Footprint of IT Operations

Understanding Energy Consumption in IT Infrastructure

Case Studies: Environmental Impact of Data Centres and Electronic Waste

Session 2: Green IT Strategies and Best Practices

Introduction to Green IT Strategies for Sustainable Operations

Best Practices for Energy Efficiency in IT Systems and Infrastructure

Case Studies: Implementing Green IT Initiatives in Organizations

Session 3: Renewable Energy and IT

Overview of Renewable Energy Sources for IT Operations

Integrating Renewable Energy into IT Infrastructure

Case Studies: Successful Adoption of Renewable Energy in IT

Session 4: Green Procurement and E-Waste Management

Sustainable Procurement Practices for IT Equipment and Services

Effective Management of Electronic Waste (E-Waste) in Organizations

Case Studies: Implementing Green Procurement Policies and E-Waste Recycling Programs

Wrap-up and Q&A

Summary of Day 1 and Key Takeaways

Open Floor for Questions and Discussion

Day 2: Implementing Green IT Strategies

Recap of Day 1

Review of Key Concepts and Insights from Day 1

Clarification of Any Outstanding Questions

Session 1: Assessing and Benchmarking Green IT Performance

Introduction to Green IT Metrics and Performance Indicators

Tools and Techniques for Assessing Green IT Performance

Case Studies: Benchmarking Green IT Performance in Organizations

Session 2: Green IT Governance and Policy

Developing Green IT Governance Frameworks and Policies

Integrating Green IT Principles into Organizational Policies and Procedures

Case Studies: Establishing Green IT Governance Structures

Session 3: Green IT Project Management

Principles of Green IT Project Management

Planning, Executing, and Monitoring Green IT Projects

Case Studies: Successful Implementation of Green IT Projects

Session 4: Stakeholder Engagement and Communication

Engaging Stakeholders in Green IT Initiatives

Effective Communication Strategies for Green IT Programs

Case Studies: Stakeholder Engagement and Communication in Green IT

Wrap-up and Action Planning

Summary of Workshop Learnings and Insights

Action Planning: Developing Next Steps for Implementing Green IT Initiatives


This workshop on Sustainable Green IT would be applicable to a range of roles across various departments and levels within organizations.

  1. IT Managers and Directors: Responsible for overseeing IT operations and infrastructure, IT managers and directors can gain insights into implementing green IT strategies and policies within their departments.
  2. Sustainability Managers: Sustainability managers focus on environmental initiatives within organizations and can learn how to integrate green IT practices into broader sustainability efforts.
  3. Procurement Managers: Procurement managers play a key role in purchasing IT equipment and services, making them essential in adopting sustainable procurement practices and managing e-waste.
  4. Project Managers: Project managers involved in implementing IT projects can learn about incorporating green IT principles into project management practices.
  5. IT Engineers and Technicians: IT engineers and technicians are involved in day-to-day IT operations and can benefit from understanding how to optimize energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact in IT systems and infrastructure.
  6. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Managers: EHS managers are responsible for ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and can learn how to integrate green IT practices into EHS management systems.
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Managers: CSR managers focus on social and environmental initiatives within organizations and can learn how green IT contributes to corporate sustainability goals.
  8. Facilities Managers: Facilities managers oversee building operations and maintenance, including IT infrastructure, and can learn how to optimize energy use and reduce environmental impact in data centres and other IT facilities.
  9. Business Analysts: Business analysts analyse business processes and requirements and can learn how to identify opportunities for improving environmental sustainability through IT initiatives.
  10. End Users: End users who interact with IT systems and equipment on a daily basis can gain awareness of how their actions impact energy consumption and environmental sustainability.

Our Sustainable Green IT Workshop Workshop includes the following:

  • Comprehensive Course Folder
  • Best Practices
  • Handouts
  • Notes

There are no prerequisites

There is no recommended reading associated with our Workshop.

There is no exam with this workshop

Classroom Exam
No Exam

By the end of our Workshop, you will have a thorough understanding of what sustainability actually is, when and where it should be applied, and how you can apply the different methods for maximum business benefit.


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