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Our Power BI: Paginated Reports In A Day training course will teach attendees how to become proficient in the following:

  • Learn how to design report layouts, visualise report data, add interactive features and implement query parameters
  • Gain an understanding of the purpose and use cases for paginated reports within Power BI.
  • Explore the various design elements and formatting options available to create visually appealing and informative reports
  • Apply your knowledge in hands-on learning labs
  • Follow a curriculum based on Microsoft Official Courseware
  • Continue learning and face new challenges with after-course one-on-one instructor coaching

Our Power BI: Paginated Reports In A Day training course will cover the following modules:

Module 1: Power BI Reporting

  • Introducing Power BI
  • Power BI Reporting
  • Paginated Reporting

Module 2: Designing Report Layouts

  • Introducing Report Builder
  • Designing report layouts
  • Setting dynamic properties

Module 3: Retrieving Report Data

  • Creating data sources
  • Creating datasets

Module 4: Working with Parameters

  • Introducing parameters
  • Creating report & query parameters
  • Working with parameters

Module 5: Visualising Report Data

  • Visualising report data
  • Creating data regions
  • Creating data visualisations

Module 6: Adding Interactivity Features

  • Toggling visibility
  • Interactive Sorting
  • Adding links and tooltips

Module 7: Beyond Report Development

  • Publishing, consuming, delivering, embedding, and exporting reports
  • Using paginated reports
  • Migrating SSRS reports

Our Power BI: Paginated Reports In A Day training course is beneficial for individuals and organisations including but not limited to:

  • Data Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Report Designers
  • IT Professionals
  • Business Users and Decision-Makers
  • Organisations and Teams
  • Professionals Transitioning to Power BI
  • Students and Data Enthusiasts

Our Power BI: Paginated Reports In A Day training course contains the following: 

  • 2-day instructor-led training course
  • Microsoft Official Courseware
  • Hands-on learning labs included
  • After-course coaching available
  • Pre-reading
  • Course Manual
  • Quizzes
  • Exercises

There are no formal entry-requirements assonated with our Power BI: Paginated Reports In A Day training course.

There is no recommended reading for our Power BI: Paginated Reports In A Day training course.

Power BI: Paginated Reports In A Day Exam:

Format: Multiple Choice
Questions: 40
Pass Mark: 70%

Proctored Exam
Power BI: Paginated Reports In A Day Certificate

Attendees may enjoy our Introduction To Power BI training course.

Our Three-day Introduction To Power BI training course will give you all the skills you need to jump-start your Power BI journey. This course will cover in depth, the industry-recognised steps from raw data to detailed analysis via five main stages:

  • Loading data into Power BI from a wide range of data sources, such as CSV and XLS files
  • Transforming data using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), M, and Power Query languages
  • Creating and extending a comprehensive data model with DAX
  • Visualising data in Power BI desktop using built-in tools
  • Sharing and collaborating with the Power BI service or Power BI server

Our Power BI: Paginated Reports In A Day training course offers attendees several benefits including but not limited to:

  • Enhanced reporting capabilities: By mastering paginated reports, you can create sophisticated, pixel-perfect reports with precise formatting and layout.
  • Operational reporting excellence: Paginated reports are ideal for operational reporting scenarios where fixed-layout reports are needed for printing, exporting to PDF, or generating high-quality documents.
  • Deeper data insights: Paginated reports in Power BI enable you to analyse and present data in a structured manner.
  • Increased data accessibility: Power BI's paginated reports can be distributed and shared across various platforms, including printing, exporting, and publishing to the Power BI service.
  • Expanded reporting options: Power BI offers a range of reporting tools, and by learning paginated reports, you add another dimension to your reporting capabilities.
  • Integration with Power BI ecosystem: Paginated reports seamlessly integrate with other Power BI features and services, such as data modeling, dashboards, and data refresh.
  • Career advancement opportunities: Proficiency in paginated reports can enhance your professional profile, opening up new career opportunities in data analysis, reporting, and business intelligence roles.


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