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Our Microsoft Excel Introduction training course will teach you to become proficient in the following:

  • Efficiently navigate and manipulate worksheets and workbooks.
  • Implement an income and expense statement with formulas, functions, and names.
  • Design a reusable data entry template that protects formulas.
  • Implement conditional formatting to analyse sales information.
  • Connect, prepare, and validate data employing editing tools, formulas, and Flash Fill.
  • Identify, sort, and select detailed data with tables and slicers.
  • Present and analyse data with conditional formatting, charting, sparklines, and printing parameters.
  • Construct IF functions that make decisions - present results visually.
  • Combine data with 3-D formulas.
  • Analyse summary data with PivotTables and implement a quick dashboard.
  • Exclusive LinkedIn group membership for peer and SME (Subject Matter Expert) community support.
  • Leverage continued support with after-course one-on-one instructor coaching and computing sandbox.

Our Microsoft Excel Introduction training course will cover the following Modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft Excel

  • Working with cell ranges—navigating and selecting cells with the mouse and keyboard 
  • Entering and editing data and employing AutoFill to enter data 
  • Inserting and deleting rows, columns, or cells. 
  • Adjusting column width and row height 
  • Manipulating data with cut, copy, paste, with the clipboard, or dragging the mouse 
  • Leveraging multiple worksheets 

Module 2: Formulas and Functions

  • Writing simple formulas 
  • Exploring audit tools to examine and evaluate formulas 
  • Referencing cells in formulas using relative and absolute references 
  • Configuring cells for the number format and alignment 
  • Constructing common functions with the aid of the function wizard and the Formula tab 
  • Implementing names in formulas and functions

Module 3: Worksheet Formatting and Presentation

  • Setting up initial cell formatting 
  • Drawing attention to data with formatting 
  • Working with templates - Protecting cell ranges and worksheets 
  • Analysing data with conditional formatting

Module 4: Getting Data In and Out

  • Importing data into Excel from various sources: text, web, Microsoft Access, SQL (Structured Query Language) Server 
  • Transforming data with global replace and data tools 
  • TEXT and DATE functions 
  • 2013 Flash Fill assistant 
  • Setting WISE (Written, Integrated, Synergistic, and Expansive) goals 

Module 5: Sorting, Selecting and Sub-totaling data

  • Sub-totaling a Filtered list with the subtotal command 
  • Implementing Tables and Table Formulas 
  • Sub-totaling a table with the Total Row 
  • Filtering Tables with Slicers 

Module 6: Present Data Visually

  • Leveraging charts to create a visual presentation 
  • Creating charts using wizards 
  • Adjusting chart settings, including titles, labels, and chart types 
  • Working with Views of the spreadsheet 
  • Setting up your workbook for printing 

Module 7: Introducing Advanced Features

  • Implementing dates 
  • Summarising data from other worksheets with 3-D formulas 
  • Designing IF functions and conditional formatting 
  • Analysing summary data with Pivot tables and slicers

Our Microsoft Excel Introduction training course will benefit several individuals and organisations including but not limited to:

  • Professionals in Business and Finance
  • Data Analysts and Researchers
  • Project Managers
  • Students and Educators
  • Administrative and Office Professionals
  • Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners
  • Individuals interested in personal finance
  • Excel is a versatile tool that can benefit anyone who deals with data management, analysis, and organisation in their personal or professional lives.

Our Microsoft Excel Introduction training course contains the following:

  • 3-day instructor-led training course
  • End-of-course exam included
  • After-course computing sandbox included
  • One-on-one after-course instructor coaching
  • Pre-reading
  • Course Manual
  • Quizzes
  • Exercises

There are no entry-level requirements for our Microsoft Excel Introduction training course.

There is no recommended reading for our Microsoft Excel Introduction training course.

Microsoft Excel Introduction Exam:

  • Format: Multiple Choice
  • Questions: 40
  • Pass Mark: 70%
Proctored Exam
Microsoft Excel Introduction Certificate

Attendees may enjoy our three-day Microsoft Project Introduction training course.

Our three-day Microsoft Project Introduction training course you will learn how to use Microsoft Project for project management, including:

  • Creating project plans
  • Tracking progress
  • Allocating resources to tasks
  • Creating project reports

Our Microsoft Excel Introduction training course offers several benefits to individuals and organisations including but not limited to:

  • Improved Data Organisation: Excel allows you to organise and structure your data in a logical and efficient manner.
  • Enhanced Data Analysis: Excel provides a range of powerful tools and functions for data analysis.
  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity: Excel offers numerous features and shortcuts that can help you work faster and more efficiently.
  • Better Decision-Making: Excel enables you to visualise data through charts and graphs, making it easier to identify patterns and trends.
  • Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: Excel challenges you to think analytically and solve problems using various functions and formulas.
  • Versatility and Transferable Skills: Excel skills are highly transferable across different industries and job roles.
  • Continuous Learning and Growth: Excel is a dynamic tool that offers a wide range of features and functionalities.
  • Increased Accuracy and Data Integrity: Excel offers features like data validation, conditional formatting, and error-checking, which help maintain data accuracy and integrity.

Microsoft Excel Introduction FAQS

The duration of our Microsoft Excel Introduction training course is three-days.


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