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SpecFlow Training Course

SpecFlow Is Delivered Online For Up To 10 People


Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) has become a well-established approach to testing, providing ‘living documentation’ of the system under test, and being able to use the documentation to drive the test automation. Our BDD courses teach you what BDD is all about, how to write your Gherkin Feature files, and then how to bind the test automation code to the features.

Our SpecFlow training course is available as on-site training at your location or as online training. Our online training is live, instructor-led in our virtual classroom. The SpecFlow training course is delivered over 5 days, with each approximately 3.5 hours online.

Our SpecFlow training course can be delivered to up to 10 staff members from your organisation.

Please Note

You can book this course and hold it in credit until you have decided on a specific course date. Alternatively, please view our other course dates.
Exam Not Included
5 Days
£4800Excl. VAT

Course Syllabus

Installation Of The SpecFlow Framework

SpecFlow Visual Studio plugin, installing the SpecFlow Libraries, WebDriver

First Test Case

Creating our initial NUnit Test, the import statements, invoking a browser, writing to the console, writing a simple script against the Web Site

Recording Tools

Recording & Exporting Scripts using Selenium IDE

Object Identification

Element locator strategies, Chrome Developer Tools and other extensions, Regular Expressions, Index, Xpath functions


What is Synchronisation, Adding Delay, Implicit versus Explicit Waits, common examples

Capturing Values & Validation

How to capture values from the Web Site, Using Asserts, Execution Flow, Debugging Tools

Introduction To BDD

A background to BDD and its benefits. The process of BDD. An overview of the tools available, terminology.

Introduction To Gherkin

Feature Files, introduction to the Gherkin language, basic syntax

More Gherkin

Using the Background fixture, Parameters, Doc Strings, Examples and Data Tables, using Tags to organise execution, commenting

Step Definitions & Code Binding

Creating our Test Classes, Using prototype step definitions, fixing errors for executing feature files, creating step definition Methods, expanding Methods with Parameters

Deconstructing Step Definitions & Regular Expressions

Step Definition syntax, using Regular Expressions, using multiple annotations for one Method, re-using Methods for more than one Scenario

Handling Tables

Scenario Outline, In-line Step Table Iterating


Using a base class with before & after hooks to accelerate test writing.

Executing The SpecFlow Features

Using SpecFlow, Using Tags, Results & Reporting, Command line execution, SpecFlow Fixtures for Execution Flow. Parallel Execution

Sharing Data

Simple Instance Fields, Context Injection

Cross Browser Testing

Setup for all the browser options

Integrating SpecFlow Into The POM

Using SpecFlow & WebDriver under the Page Object Model.

Continuous Integration

Building SpecFlow pipelines in Azure DevOps

Learning Outcomes

Our SpecFlow training course is the perfect introduction to Behaviour-Driven Development. It covers writing Feature Files in Gherkin, then generating Step Definitions and then writing the code bindings using Selenium WebDriver C#.

Who Should Attend

Our SpecFlow training course is designed for beginners, it takes the newcomer through all the basic techniques of writing Selenium WebDriver scripts, to writing Feature Files in Gherkin, to writing the associated Step Definitions and code in SpecFlow & WebDriver C#, to executing from the command line.

What's Included

All of our delegates receive comprehensive workbooks for the SpecFlow training course.

Entry-Level Requirements

Some programming experience would be advantageous. Our SpecFlow training course is based on using WebDriver with C# & NUnit.

Recommended Reading

You do not have to complete any prereading prior to the SpecFlow training course.

Exam Information

There is no formal examination included in the SpecFlow training course.

Exam Type

No Exam


There is no formal examination or certification associated with the SpecFlow training course.

What's Next

Purple Griffon offer the following private virtual sessions for your team. Our Automated Software Testing training courses can be delivered on-site at your location or online for up to ten people:

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Selenium WebDriver C#

Cypress Introduction

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Call +44 (0)1539 736 828 now to discuss your training requirements and to book your sessions in the diary.

Additional Information

By the end of our SpecFlow training course, you should have a thorough understanding of how to develop well-written Feature Files and Scenarios, how to manage Step Definitions and write associated Methods, how to organise the SpecFlow project and how to integrate into the POM framework and how to write the Selenium WebDriver automation code to automate your Step Definitions.

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