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The Outcomes for our SecDevOps Foundation training course are:

  • Prepare for the DevOps Institute SecDevOps Foundation Certification (SDOF) with the world's first accredited SecDevOps certification course
  • Trace the history and evolution of SecDevOps
  • Integrate SecDevOps roles with a DevOps culture and organisation
  • Continue learning and face new challenges with after-course one-on-one instructor coaching

Our SecDevOps Foundation training course contains the following Modules:

Module 1: Agile/DevOps Foundation Review

  • What is Agile/DevOps? 
  • DevOps Goals 
  • DevOps Values 
  • DevOps Stakeholders

Module 2: Why SecDevOps?

  • Key terms and concepts 
  • Why SecDevOps is important 
  • 3 Ways to think about DevOps + Security 
  • Key principles of SecDevOps 
  • SecDevOps security-first philosophy 
  • SecDevOps evolution from DevSecOps

Module 3: Culture and Management

  • Key terms and concepts 
  • How much security is enough? 
  • Threat modelling 
  • Context is everything 
  • High-velocity risk management 
  • Team security profiling 

Module 4: General Security Considerations

  • Avoiding the checkbox trap 
  • Basic security hygiene 
  • Architectural considerations 
  • Federated identity 
  • Log management 

Module 5: Feature and Security Workflow

  • Configuration management 
  • Centralised workflow 
  • Workflow branch classifications 
  • Pre- and post-commit 
  • Deployment and release orchestration 

Module 6: Acquisition Lifecycle Security

  • Needs Phase requirements vs. security
  • Acquisition Review Board (ARB)
  • Analyse/Select Phase measurement metrics
  • Obtain phase life cycle
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Dispose phase concerns

Module 7: Identity and Access Management (IAM)

  • Key terms and concepts
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) basic concepts
  • Why IAM is important
  • Implementation guidance
  • Automation opportunities
  • How to hurt yourself with IAM

Module 8: Application Security

  • Application Security Testing (AST)
  • Testing Techniques
  • Prioritising Testing Techniques
  • Issue Management Integration
  • Threat Monitoring
  • Leveraging Automation
  • Secure coding and Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) compliance

Module 9: Operational Security

  • Key terms and concepts
  • Basic security hygiene practices
  • Role of operations management
  • The Ops environment
  • Embracing fail-early, fail-first
  • Security infrastructure as code

Module 10: Cross-Team Security

  • Key terms and concepts
  • Establishing trust
  • Promoting shared responsibility
  • Team verification techniques
  • Embedded point-of-contact
  • Security, development, and operations sprints

Module 11: Roles and Responsibilities

  • SecDevOps Coach
  • Product Owner Expanded Responsibilities
  • Programme and Project Manager
  • Information System Security Officer (ISSO)
  • SecDevOps Engineer
  • Site Reliability Engineer

Module 12: Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) Audit

  • Key terms and concepts
  • What is GRC?
  • Why care about GRC? 
  • Rethinking policies 
  • Policy as code 
  • Shifting audit left 
  • Three myths of segregation of duties vs. DevOps

Module 13: Logging, Monitoring, and Response

  • Key terms and concepts
  • Setting up log management
  • Incident response and forensics
  • Threat intelligence and information sharing

Module 14: Continual Improvement

  • Retrospectives
  • Continuous learning
  • Open Collaboration (including security)
  • Shared intelligence

Module 15: Review and Summary

  • Exam review
  • Key course concepts
  • Next steps

Our SecDevOps Foundation training course will appeal to the following:

  • Security Experts
  • Software Developers
  • Operations Specialists
  • DevOps Engineers
  • IT Managers and Leaders
  • Quality Assurance/Testers
  • Compliance and Risk Management Professionals

Our SecDevOps Foundation training course includes the following:

  • Pre-reading
  • Course Manual
  • Quizzes
  • Exercises

Our SecDevOps Foundation training course has no prerequisites. 

Our SecDevOps Foundation training course has no recommended reading.

SecDevOps Foundation Examination:

  • Exam Format: Multiple Choice
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Questions: 40
  • Passing score: 65%
  • It is highly recommended that candidates attend our SecDevOps Foundation training course with a DevOps Institute-accredited Education Partner to prepare for the certification exam.
  • The certification exam is administered through DOI.
Classroom Exam
SecDevOps Foundation Certificate

You might enjoy our one-day Certified Cyber Security Foundation training course.

Our Certified Cyber Security Foundation training course provides a comprehensive introduction to current cyber security threats and the measures required to mitigate the risks associated with cyber attacks.

Our SecDevOps Foundation training course provides individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the principles, practices, and tools associated with integrating security into the DevOps process. Benefits of such training includes several benefits including but not limited to:

  • Knowledge and Awareness: SecDevOps Foundation training equips individuals with a solid foundation of knowledge about the key concepts, principles, and best practices of SecDevOps.
  • Skill Development: The training program helps individuals develop the necessary skills to implement security practices within a DevOps environment.
  • Improved Collaboration and Communication: SecDevOps Foundation training emphasizes the importance of collaboration and communication between development, operations, and security teams.
  • Enhanced Job Prospects: With the increasing demand for professionals who understand both security and DevOps, SecDevOps Foundation training can significantly enhance job prospects.
  • Risk Reduction: By implementing the security practices learned in SecDevOps Foundation training, organizations can significantly reduce security risks.
  • Alignment with Industry Standards: SecDevOps Foundation training often aligns with industry standards and frameworks such as NIST, OWASP, and ISO/IEC 27001.
  • Professional Growth and Advancement: SecDevOps Foundation training provides individuals with a valuable credential that demonstrates their expertise in integrating security practices into DevOps.


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