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PRINCE2® Overview Training Course

A Basic Understanding Of The PRINCE2® Methodology


Our one-day PRINCE2® Overview training course is intended as on-site (physical face-to-face or virtual delivery offering) for teams of up to 12 delegates.

Our PRINCE2® Overview training course will help you to understand how PRINCE2®, the popular Project Management Standard, provides the controlled environment for managing projects working from a project's controlled start to its controlled close.

You will have opportunities to discuss the purpose and nature of the 8 controls that PRINCE2® builds into the project ‘Contract’ (Project Initiation Document), plus be able to explore the relevance of PRINCE2® to your own projects.

Please Note

You can book this course and hold it in credit until you have decided on a specific course date. Alternatively, please view our other course dates.
Exam Not Included
1 Day
£1495Excl. VAT

Course Outline

• Why PRINCE2®?
• Why Use A Method?
• Organisation Benefits From PRINCE2®
• Project Manager Benefits From PRINCE2®
• PRINCE2® Structure
• Project Characteristics
• PRINCE2® Scope
• The Process Model
• Control Components
• Scope For Tailoring To Your Needs
• Controlled Start
• Project Organisation
• Business Case Essentials
• Risk Management
• Management Stages
• Planning Product Delivery
• Project Board Involvement
• Controlled Progress
• Defining Authority
• Project Board Controls
• Control Of Product Delivery
• Change Control
• Quality Control
• Controlled Close
• Closure Processes
• PRINCE2® Key Features
• Activities
• What Now? - Project Scenarios
• Writing Your Project Brief
• Your Next Step


Our PRINCE2® Overview training course provides an excellent introduction into the de facto standard of the PRINCE2® Project Management method and it will ensure that you gain a basic understanding of how PRINCE2® provides benefits to your organisation.

About the Course

Our PRINCE2® Overview training course can be delivered on-site to your organisation and will provide the basis for further exploration of Project Management.

Who Should Attend

Our PRINCE2® Overview training course is suitable for those who will be involved in Project Management activities, work alongside Project Managers, but may not need a formal qualification.

Materials Provided

Our PRINCE2® Overview training course includes:

• Full Course Materials
• Highly Skilled & Knowledgeable Tutors

Organisational Benefits

• Benefit from a shared and thoroughly understood language and approach to reporting which will save time and effort.
• Increase staff awareness of their roles and responsibilities in the Project Management Lifecycle.
• Utilise an invaluable diagnostic tool, facilitating the assurance and assessment of project work, troubleshooting and audits.
• Ensure stakeholders (including sponsors and resource providers) are properly represented in planning and decision making.
• Enable more effective engagement of stakeholders in the process of project approval and management.

Individual Benefits

• Learn how to manage projects or to work in a project environment using the most internationally recognised Project Management Method.
• Ensure that team members focus on the viability of the project in relation to its business case objectives - rather than simply seeing the completion of the project as an end in itself.
• Promote consistency of project work and the ability to reuse project assets while facilitating staff mobility and reducing the impact of personnel changes/handovers.
• Design plans and reports to meet the needs of each level in the project team and Project Board, improving communication and control.
• Mitigate perceived problems and issues and focus on the viability of the project throughout.
• Evaluate the project portfolio to bring clarity and allow improvements in reviewing projects.


Some experience in a Project Management environment is useful but not essential.


There is no prereading associated with our PRINCE2® Overview training course.

Exam Overview

There is no formal examination or certificate attached to our PRINCE2® Overview training course.

Exam Type

No Exam

Professional Development Units - PDUs

There are no Professional Qualification Credits associated with our PRINCE2® Overview training course.


There is no formal examination or certificate attached to our PRINCE2® Overview training course.

Next Steps

Our two-day PRINCE2® Foundation training course will teach you the principles, themes and terminology of PRINCE2®. You will learn how to communicate and participate effectively in a project using PRINCE2®.


You will have received an excellent summary of the PRINCE2® Project Management Methodology.

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