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PRINCE2® Agile Combined Foundation & Practitioner Training Course

Learn To Blend The Structure Of PRINCE2® With The Flexibility Of Agile


Agile methods have become increasingly popular in recent years, with organisations across all industries realising the benefits and successes Agile can bring.

Combining PRINCE2® with Agile methods creates a more powerful approach, offering the flexibility of Agile, but still retaining the authority, strength and governance of PRINCE2®.

PRINCE2® Agile was developed due to popular demand. It was felt there was a need for something which addressed common project governance issues which affected Agile projects.

Our four-day PRINCE2® Agile Combined Foundation & Practitioner training course will teach you the practical application of PRINCE2® in an Agile context.

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You can book this course and hold it in credit until you have decided on a specific course date. Alternatively, please view our other course dates.
Exam Included
4 Days
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Course Syllabus

Our PRINCE2® Agile Combined Foundation & Practitioner will cover the following subjects:


• Understanding Projects & BAU
• Overview Of PRINCE2®

PRINCE2® Agile

• The PRINCE2® Agile View
• Composition Of PRINCE2® Agile


• Agile Manifesto
• Agile Basics
• Agile Behaviours, Concepts, Techniques
• Waterfall, Iterative And Incremental Delivery Approaches
• PRINCE2® Agile Guidance Points
• How PRINCE2® May Look In An Agile Context

Blending PRINCE2® & Agile

• Fixing And Flexing Project Performance Targets
• Tolerance Guidance
• The 5 PRINCE2® Agile Targets

Agile Behaviours & The PRINCE2® Principles

• Applying PRINCE2® Principles
• The 5 PRINCE2® Agile Behaviours

Agile & The PRINCE2® Themes

• Business Case - Defining Value, Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
• Organisation - Delivery Teams, Servant Leadership, Working Agreements
• Quality - User Stories, Requirements Prioritisation Using MoSCoW, Definition Of ‘Done’, How To Test
• Change - Feedback Loops
• Risk - Agilometer
• Plans - Estimating
• Progress - Burn Charts, Information Radiators

Agile & The PRINCE2® Processes

• Relating Agile Processes To PRINCE2® Processes
• Starting Up A Project And Initiating A Project – Cynefin, Lean Startup
• Managing Product Delivery - Work Packages, Scrum, Kanban
• Controlling A Stage – Timeboxes, Releases, Sprints, Frequent Releases
• Managing A Stage Boundary – Retrospectives
• Directing A Project – Sponsor, Product Owner, Pulling Information
• Closing A Project – User Acceptance, Workshops

PRINCE2® Agile Focus Areas

• Agilometer
• Requirements
• Rich Communication
• Workshops
• Frequent Releases

Transitioning To agile

• Health Check
• Advice For Project Managers Using Agile

Learning Outcomes

Our PRINCE2® Agile Combined Foundation & Practitioner training course will show you how to apply the PRINCE2® Agile method in practice through real-world project management examples. Specifically, you will learn how to blend the structure, governance and control of PRINCE2® with Agile methods, techniques and approaches.

The following subjects will be covered in our PRINCE2® Agile Foundation & Practitioner training course:

• PRINCE2® Principles
• PRINCE2® Themes
• PRINCE2® Processes
• Governance Requirements
• Agile Concepts And Techniques Including Scrum, KanBan, Lean Start-up And Cynefin
• PRINCE2® And Agile Ways Of Working

Who Should Attend

• Team Members, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Project Support Staff, Programme Managers
• Those With Project Governance Responsibilities.

What's Included

Our PRINCE2® Agile Combined Foundation & Practitioner training course includes:

• Full Course Materials
• PRINCE2® Official Core Guidance (eBook Format)
• PRINCE2® Agile Sample Exams
• PRINCE2® Agile Foundation Examination
• PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner Examination

Entry-Level Requirements

You must hold any of the follow prerequisites for the PRINCE2® Practitioner part of the training course:

PRINCE2® Foundation
• PRINCE2® Agile Foundation

Please Note: Evidence of your prerequisites must be reproduced on the day of the examination to the tutor, or you will NOT be permitted to sit the exam.

Recommended Reading

There is no dedicated pre-course reading for our PRINCE2® Agile Combined Foundation & Practitioner.

Exam Information

PRINCE2® Agile Foundation Exam

• Duration: 60 Minutes
• Questions: 50 Multiple-Choice
• Pass Mark: 28/50
• Type: Closed Book

    PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner Exam

    • Duration: 150 Minutes
    • Questions: 50 Multiple-Choice Questions
    • Pass Mark: 30/50
    • Type: Open Book (The PRINCE2® Agile Handbook Only)

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    Your Identification Document (ID):

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    • Be current and valid – ID containing dates that have expired are not allowed.
    • Be an original, not a photocopy.
    • Include a recognizable photo of you.
    • Match the information you gave when you booked your online exam.
    • Be a government-issued national/state/province identity card that is recognized by the country in which you are a citizen or permanent resident.
    • Contain your Birthdate/Year.
    • Contain your First/Middle Name(s) and Last Name in English (Latin) characters.

    Please Note: Electronic IDs will not be accepted.

    Exam Type

    Proctored Exam


    PRINCE2® Agile Foundation & Practitioner Certificates

    What's Next

    The ITIL® 4 Framework will provide you with a practical and flexible basis to support your organisation through its journey into the new digital landscape. We help you align human, digital, and physical resources to compete within the modern complex landscape and adopt emerging technologies into your own IT operations.

    Our three-day ITIL® 4 Foundation training course is the starting point in your ITIL® 4 certification journey and is the prerequisite for the ITIL® 4 Managing Professional and ITIL® 4 Strategic Leader training courses.

    Our ITIL® 4 Foundation training course is for anyone who needs to understand the key concepts of IT and digital service delivery, and who is interested in helping their organisation embrace the new service management culture.

    Additional Information

    Our PRINCE2® Agile Combined Foundation & Practitioner will help you merge a proven PRINCE2® methodology with Agile techniques making you a more productive and knowledgeable Project Manager.

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