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PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner Training Course

Understand How You Can Merge PRINCE2® & Agile Best Practice


Our two-day PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner training course is for learning the practical application of PRINCE2® in an Agile context.

Our PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner training course will show you how to apply and tailor PRINCE2® Agile in a scenario situation. You will understand the following:

• Agile Behaviours, Concepts, Techniques
• Blending PRINCE2® With Agile
• Fixing & Flexing Project Performance Targets
• PRINCE2® Agile Targets
• PRINCE2® Agile Behaviours
• PRINCE2® Agile Focus Areas

Please Note

You can book this course and hold it in credit until you have decided on a specific course date. Alternatively, please view our other course dates.
Exam Included
2 Days
£899Excl. VAT

Course Outline

Our PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner training course will cover the following subjects:


• Understanding Projects & BAU
• Overview Of PRINCE2®

PRINCE2® Agile

• The PRINCE2® Agile View
• Composition Of PRINCE2® Agile


• Agile Manifesto
• Agile Basics
• Agile Behaviours, Concepts, Techniques
• Waterfall, Iterative And Incremental Delivery Approaches
• PRINCE2® Agile Guidance Points
• How PRINCE2® May Look In An Agile Context

Blending PRINCE2® & Agile

• Fixing And Flexing Project Performance Targets
• Tolerance Guidance
• The 5 PRINCE2® Agile Targets

Agile Behaviours & The PRINCE2® Principles

• Applying PRINCE2® Principles
• The 5 PRINCE2® Agile Behaviours

Agile & The PRINCE2® Themes

• Business Case - Defining Value, Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
• Organisation - Delivery Teams, Servant Leadership, Working Agreements
• Quality - User Stories, Requirements Prioritisation Using MoSCoW, Definition Of ‘Done’, How To Test
• Change - Feedback Loops
• Risk - Agilometer
• Plans - Estimating
• Progress - Burn Charts, Information Radiators

Agile & The PRINCE2® Processes

• Relating Agile Processes To PRINCE2® Processes
• Starting Up A Project And Initiating A Project – Cynefin, Lean Startup
• Managing Product Delivery - Work Packages, Scrum, Kanban
• Controlling A Stage – Timeboxes, Releases, Sprints, Frequent Releases
• Managing A Stage Boundary – Retrospectives
• Directing A Project – Sponsor, Product Owner, Pulling Information
• Closing A Project – User Acceptance, Workshops

PRINCE2® Agile Focus Areas

• Agilometer
• Requirements
• Rich Communication
• Workshops
• Frequent Releases

Transitioning To agile

• Health Check
• Advice For Project Managers Using Agile


Our PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner training course will provide you with a thorough understanding of the PRINCE2® Agile guidance, and is aligned to the current version of PRINCE2®.

About the Course

During our PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner training course, you will learn how to:

• Understand the basic concepts of common Agile ways of working
• Understand the purpose and context for combing PRINCE2® and the Agile way of working
• Be able to apply and evaluate the focus areas to a project in an Agile context
• Be able to fix and flex the six aspects of a project in an Agile context
• Be able to apply or tailor the PRINCE2® principles, themes, processes and management products to a project in an Agile context
• To learn through the use of theory and practical exercises
• To prepare for the PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner examination

Who Should Attend

Our PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner training course is aimed at Project Managers who hold a current PRINCE2® Practitioner qualification. It is also relevant to other key staff involved with integrating Project Management with product delivery.

An understanding of the Agile concepts within PRINCE2® Agile will also be relevant to those with governance responsibilities for projects using Agile delivery approaches as well as those involved with programme and project support functions.

Materials Provided

Our PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner training course includes:

• Full Course Materials
• Highly Skilled & Knowledgeable Tutors
• PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner Sample Exam
• PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner Examination

Organisational Benefits

• Deliver change faster, at a lower cost and with lower risk by continually validating project milestones against business objectives.
• Complements and works with existing corporate processes such as PRINCE2®, quality and audit processes which improves rigour and visibility around project management
• Simply adopt a tried and tested approach rather than developing and integrating a company-specific agile management process.
• Achieve better communication and control over projects and adapt project plans without disrupting the project budget, timescale and scope.
• Develop professionalism in employees and include agile certification in employee professional development schemes.

Individual Benefits

• Develop a more advanced, applied level of knowledge to gain an understanding of agile and the ability to apply relevant project management methods, leading to successful agile projects.
• Clarify different management styles needed for successful agile projects compared to traditional projects and be able to tailor these to the situation.
• Actively promote trust and close co-operation between the business and developers and gives the business ongoing visibility into what is happening.
• Combine knowledge of more traditional management methodologies with agile to better adapt to a changing business environment.
• Improve time-to-market and project success rates while simultaneously accelerating results by encouraging stakeholder involvement, feedback and effective controls.


You must hold the following certifications in order to sit the PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner training course:

PRINCE2® Foundation
• PRINCE2® Agile Foundation

Please Note: Evidence of your prerequisites must be reproduced on the day of the examination to the tutor, or you will NOT be permitted to sit the exam.


There is no dedicated pre-course reading. Our PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner training course will not be recapping PRINCE2®, rather focusing on the agile concepts, therefore you may benefit from refreshing your PRINCE2® knowledge.

Exam Overview

PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner Examination:

• Duration: 150 Minutes
• Open Book: PRINCE2® Agile Manual Only
• Format: Objective Testing, 5 Questions - 50 Marks
• Pass Mark: 60% Or 30 Correct Answers

Exam Type

Classroom Exam

Professional Development Units - PDUs

There are no Professional Qualification Credits associated with our PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner training course.


PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner Certificate

Next Steps

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Our ITIL® 4 Foundation training course is for anyone who needs to understand the key concepts of IT and digital service delivery, and who is interested in helping their organisation embrace the new service management culture.


Our PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner training course will help you merge a proven PRINCE2® methodology with Agile techniques making you a more productive and knowledgeable Project Manager.

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