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Combined ISTQB® Foundation & Agile Foundation Extension Training Course

Start Your Career In Software Testing And Learn How Agile Works In The Real World


Our 5-day ISTQB Foundation & Agile Tester Extension training course covers the fundamentals of software testing providing you with the necessary foundations for a career as a software testing professional and the final two days include a high proportion of hands-on practical team based activities to allow you to get a true feel for how agile projects work in the real world.

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Exam Included
5 Days
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Course Outline

The syllabus for the ISTQB Foundation & Agile Tester Extension training course is below:

  • Software Testing Fundamentals
  • Testing Throughout The Software Life Cycle
  • Static Techniques
  • Test Design Techniques
  • Test Management
  • Tool Support For Testing
  • Agile Development & The Agile Manifesto
  • The ‘Whole-Team’ Approach
  • Early And Frequent Feedback
  • Agile Tester Roles & Skills
  • Agile Development Approaches (Scrum, XP and Kanban)
  • Release & Iteration Planning
  • Burndown Charts
  • Project Initialization
  • Collaborative User Story Creation & Acceptance Criteria
  • Assessing Quality Risks And Estimating Test Effort
  • Test-Driven Development, Acceptance Test-Driven Development And Behaviour-
  • Driven Development
  • Continuous Integration
  • The Differences Between Testing On Traditional And Agile Projects
  • The ‘Definition Of Done’
  • Agile Taskboards
  • Options For Independent Testing In Agile
  • The Test Pyramid
  • Testing Quadrants
  • Exploratory Testing In Agile Projects
  • Functional And Non-Functional Black Box Test Design For User Stories
  • Agile Retrospectives
  • Managing Regression Risk With Evolving Manual And Automated Test Cases
  • Refactoring & Technical


Our ISTQB Foundation & Agile Tester Extension training course includes exam preparation, revision and the ISTQB Foundation In Software Testing Examination is taken on the third day. The final two days of the training course includes lectures, exercises and practical work and includes a high proportion of hands-on practical team based activities to allow you to get a true feel for how agile project work in a real environment.

About the Course

The objectives for the ISTQB Foundation & Agile Tester Extension level qualification are to:

  • Prepare You For The Foundation Certificate In Software Testing Based On The ISTQB Syllabus
  • Improve Understanding Of Software Testing - Its Purpose And Nature And To Raise Awareness Of Issues And And Constraints Around Testing
  • Learn Standard Terminology
  • Introduce Test Techniques (Static, White & Black Box) As Well As Providing Practical Experience Of Key Techniques
  • Provide A Complete Picture Of The Test Processes From Requirements Review To System Implementation
  • Provide You With An Environment That Supports Your Learning And Impart You With The Necessary Confidence And Means To Support Your Future Career As A Test Professional
  • Collaborate In An Agile Team, Being Familiar With Agile Principles And Practices
  • Adapt Existing Testing Experience, Knowledge And Best Practices
  • Support The Agile Team In Planning Test Related Activities
  • Apply Relevant Test Methods And Techniques
  • Assist In Test Automation
  • Help Business Stakeholders Define Understandable And Testable User Stories And Acceptance Criteria
  • Work With And Share Information With Other Team Members

Who Should Attend

Our ISTQB Foundation & Agile Tester Extension training course is principally aimed at anyone directly involved in software testing who needs to demonstrate a practical knowledge of the fundamental concepts such as Testers, Test Analysts, Test Engineers, Test Leads, Test Consultants, Test Managers, User Acceptance Testers and Software Developers. It also suitable for those who are or expect to be working on agile projects and those who seek a practical application of the core software testing material covered at ISTQB Foundation level to agile projects.

Materials Provided

  • Full Materials
  • Refreshments
  • Highly Skilled and Knowledgeable Tutors
  • ISTQB Foundation & Agile Tester Extension Examination

Organisational Benefits

Improve Quality

By breaking down a project into manageable units, the project team may focus on producing and testing high-quality code.

Go To Market More Quickly & Improve ROI

By utilising Agile Development practices, businesses may free themselves up from being forced to rely on features and deliverables that were proposed months (or even years) ago, and adjust and deploy more quickly based on today’s needs. Additionally, Agile can quickly produce a working version of software, and early deployment of functional parts means that businesses will begin to see real ROI more quickly.

Mitigate Risk And Quickly

Frequent testing and shorter feedback loops mean that problems may be discovered and addressed more quickly. And functioning code may continue to operate while issues are being resolved in later additions.

More Easily Manage The Project Scope

Agile Development Practices emphasise a list of requirements, with very short development cycles, that evolves as the project progresses. This flexible process results in predictable release dates and manageable budgets, and helps prevent development projects from mushrooming out of control.

Promote Transparency And Improve Decision-Making

Using Agile Development practices, stakeholders have frequent and early opportunities to see and have a say in what is being developed

Individual Benefits

  • In Agile Methodology The Delivery Of Software Is Unremitting
  • The Customers Are Satisfied Because After Every Sprint Working Feature Of The Software Is Delivered To Them
  • Customers Can Have A Look Of The Working Feature Which Fulfilled Their Expectations
  • If The Customers Has Any Feedback Or Any Change In The Feature Then It Can Be Accommodated In The Current Release Of The Product
  • In Agile Methodology The Daily Interactions Are Required Between The Business People And The Developers
  • Changes In The Requirements Are Accepted Even In The Later Stages Of The Development


The entry requirements are that you should have a basic working knowledge of IT.


On arrival at the training course, you should have read the provided syllabus in preparation for the course. The ISTQB Foundation & Agile Tester Extension is intensive and those who have prepared achieve a higher exam success rate.

Exam Overview

To qualify as an internationally-recognised Certified Foundation Level Tester and be issued with an ISTQB® Foundation Level Certificate, you must successfully pass the exam administered by the relevant National Board or Examination Provider.

  • The Examination Consists Of A 1-Hour Exam With 40 Multiple Choice Questions
  • It Will Be A 'Closed Book' Examination i.e No Notes Or Books Will Be Allowed Into The Examination Room
  • Duration Of 60 Minutes (Or 75 Minutes For Candidates Taking Examinations That Are Not In Their Native Language)
  • No Study Material Or Electronic Devices (Including Mobile Phones) May Be Used During The Examination
  • Candidates Are Allowed To Use Simple Non-Programmable Calculators (To Be Provided By The Candidate)
  • An Official Translation Of Terms (Not Their Definitions) From The ISTQB® Glossary To The Local Language Is Allowed
  • Candidates Taking Exams That Are Not In Their Native Language May Use A Paper-Based Translation Dictionary
  • The Pass Mark Is 65% (26 Out Of 40).

The ISTQB Foundation & Agile Tester Extension examination can be take online at any Pearson Vue Center for which a voucher will be provided following completion of the training course. The exam voucher is valid for 6 months.

Exam Type

Prometric Exam

Professional Development Units - PDUs

There are no Professional Qualification Credits associated with the ISTQB Foundation & Agile Tester Extension training course.


ISTQB Foundation & Agile Tester Extension Certificate

Next Steps

Our 4-day ISTQB® Advanced Certificate For Test Analysts training course extends the broad understanding of testing acquired at BCS/ISTQB Software Testing Foundation level to enable the role of Test Analyst to be performed.


After successfully completing the training course and passing the exams, you will have learned how to:

  • Use A Common Language For Efficient And Effective Communication With Other Testers And Project Stakeholders
  • Understand Established Testing Concepts, The Fundamental Test Process, Test Approaches And Principles To Support Test Objectives
  • Design And Prioritize Tests By Using Established Techniques
  • Analyse Both Functional And Non-Functional Specifications (Such As Performance And Usability) At All Test Levels For Systems With Low To Medium Levels Of Complexity
  • Execute Tests According To Agreed Test Plans And Analyze And Report On The Results Of Tests
  • Write Clear And Understandable Incident Reports
  • Effectively Participate In Reviews Of Small To Medium-Sized Projects
  • Be Familiar With Different Types Of Testing Tools And Their Uses And Assist In The Tool Selection And Implementation Process
  • Collaborate In An Agile Team, Being Familiar With Agile Principles And Practices

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