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ISTQB® Foundation Agile Extension Training Course

Get A Deeper Understanding Of Agile Development


Our two-day ISTQB® Agile Testing Foundation training course extends the broad understanding of testing acquired at Foundation Level and covers those topics which are considered to be essential knowledge for a test professional working on Agile Projects.

Please Note

You can book this course and hold it in credit until you have decided on a specific course date. Alternatively, please view our other course dates.
Exam Included
2 Days
£725Excl. VAT

Course Outline

  • The Agile Manifesto
  • The Agile Principles
  • Agile Approaches
  • Agile Teams
  • Continuous Customer Involvement
  • Scrum Activites
  • Definition of Done
  • Testing in the Agile Project
  • Project Initialisation
  • User Stories
  • Agile Taskboard
  • Daily Stand-Up (Scrum) Meeting
  • Code-first & test-driven development
  • Continuous Integration, Automated Builds, and Automated Tests
  • Refactoring
  • Technical Debt
  • Defect Reporting
  • Release Planning
  • Iteration Planning
  • Burndown Charts
  • Acceptance Criteria
  • User Story Checklists
  • Exploratory Testing in Agile Projects
  • Test Doubles
  • Agile Test Tools
  • Regression Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Communication on Agile Projects
  • Testing in Larger Projects
  • Agile Retrospectives
  • Multiple Agile Teams
  • Version Management on Larger Project
  • Distributed Teams


Our ISTQB® Agile Testing Foundation tutor-led training course contains lectures, exercises and practical work and includes a high proportion of hands -on practical team-based activities to allow you to get a true feel for how Agile Projects work in the real world. This course has been rated at SFIAplus level 4.

About the Course

After successfully completing the course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the basis of the Agile approach
  • Combine test activities to create the test process for an Agile Project
  • Understand and contribute to those actvities that are characteristics of Agile Projects
  • Participate in release and iteration on planning on an Agile Project
  • Organise and perform testing on Agile Projects
  • Suggest improvements to both the development and testing on an ongoing Agile Project
  • Understand the complexities that are inherent in larger Agile Projects

Who Should Attend

Our ISTQB® Agile Testing Foundation training course is suitable for those who are, or expect to be, working on Agile Projects. It is aimed at those who seek a practical application of the core software testing material covered at ISTQB Foundation level to Agile Projects.

This Agile Testing Foundation training course is also appropriate for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of Agile Development that specifically contains coverage of the options for including Software Testing as an integrated part of the Agile Development approach. This includes Scrum Masters, Project Managers, Release Managers, Quality Managers, Software Development Managers, Business Analysts and Management Consultants.

Materials Provided

  • Full Materials
  • Refreshments
  • Highly Skilled and Knowledgeable Tutors

Organisational Benefits

  • Improve Quality: By breaking down a project into manageable units, the project team may focus on producing and testing high-quality code.
  • Go to Market More Quickly & Improve ROI: By utilising Agile Development practices, businesses may free themselves up from being forced to rely on features and deliverables that were proposed months (or even years) ago, and adjust and deploy more quickly based on today’s needs. Additionally, Agile can quickly produce a working version of software, and early deployment of functional parts means that businesses will begin to see real ROI more quickly.
  • Mitigate Risk, and Quickly: Frequent testing and shorter feedback loops mean that problems may be discovered and addressed more quickly. And functioning code may continue to operate while issues are being resolved in later additions.
  • More Easily Manage the Project Scope: Agile Development Practices emphasise a list of requirements, with very short development cycles, that evolves as the project progresses. This flexible process results in predictable release dates and manageable budgets, and helps prevent development projects from mushrooming out of control.
  • Promote Transparency and Improve Decision-Making: Using Agile Development practices, stakeholders have frequent and early opportunities to see and have a say in what is being developed

Individual Benefits

  • In Agile methodology the delivery of software is unremitting.
  • The customers are satisfied because after every Sprint working feature of the software is delivered to them.
  • Customers can have a look of the working feature which fulfilled their expectations.
  • If the customers has any feedback or any change in the feature then it can be accommodated in the current release of the product.
  • In Agile methodology the daily interactions are required between the business people and the developers.
  • Changes in the requirements are accepted even in the later stages of the development.


The recommended entry criteria for candidates taking the ISTQB® Agile Testing Foundation training course are as follows:

  • You will need 18 months experience in Software Testing


There is no prereading associated with our Agile Testing Foundation training course.

Exam Overview

Please Note: The exam is arranged after the course. The exam can be taken on line at any Pearson Vue Centre, for which a voucher will be provided following completion of the training course.

Exam Type

Proctored Exam

Professional Development Units - PDUs

There is no Professional Qualification Credits associated with our ISTQB® Agile Testing Foundation training course.


There are no qualifications to be gained with our ISTQB® Agile Testing Foundation.

Next Steps

Our three-day PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner will help you to understand how you can merge PRINCE2® & Agile Best Practice.


The ISTQB® Agile Testing Foundation course establishes a platform from which further more specialist skills and knowledge may be acquired.

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ISTQB® Foundation Agile Extension

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ISTQB® Foundation Agile Extension

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ISTQB® Foundation Agile Extension

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ISTQB® Foundation Agile Extension

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ISTQB® Foundation Agile Extension

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