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After our ISTQB® Mobile App Tester training course, you should be able to demonstrate the following business-based outcomes:

  • Understand and review business and technology drivers for mobile apps in order to create a test strategy
  • Identify and understand the key challenges, risks and expectations associated with testing a mobile application
  • Apply test types and levels specific to mobile applications
  • Apply common test types, such as those mentioned in ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level syllabus 2018, in the mobile specific context
  • Carry out the activities required specifically for mobile application testing as part of the main activities of the ISTQB® test process
  • Identify and use suitable environments and appropriate tools for mobile application testing
  • Understand methods and tools specifically to support mobile application test automation

After our ISTQB® Mobile App Tester training course, you should be able to demonstrate their skills in the following areas:

  • Describe how available mobile analytics data can be used as input for the test strategy and the test plan.
  • Distinguish between various business models for mobile applications.
  • Recall different types of mobile devices.
  • Distinguish between different types of mobile applications.
  • Distinguish between general architecture types of mobile applications.
  • Apply characteristics and specifics of the mobile market in preparing a test strategy.
  • Give examples of the challenges associated with testing mobile applications.
  • Describe how risks specific to mobile applications may be mitigated.
  • Describe device-specific features and hardware which should be considered for testing.
  • Prepare tests for the app’s compatibility with screen sizes, aspect ratio, and screen density.
  • Describe how tests can show the potential effects of device overheating on the system under test.
  • Recall different test types for testing of the various input sensors used in mobile devices.
  • Recall tests to be run for various input methods.
  • Describe how tests can reveal user interface issues when changing screen orientation.
  • Prepare tests for an app using typical mobile device interrupts.
  • Prepare tests for changing the access permissions to the device features requested by the app.
  • Prepare tests to verify the impact of an app on a device’s power consumption and the impact of its power state on the app.
  • Prepare tests for the handling of notifications by the system under test.
  • Describe how tests can verify correct functionality of quick-access links.
  • Prepare tests for the impact on an app of the user preference settings provided by an operating system.
  • Distinguish between different tests required for native, web and hybrid applications.
  • Recall tests required for apps which are available on multiple platforms or operating system versions.
  • Recall tests required for co-existence and interoperability with other apps.
  • Summarise the tests for connectivity testing, including those across networks, when using Bluetooth and when switching to flight mode.
  • Prepare Installability tests for mobile apps.
  • Prepare stress tests for mobile apps.
  • Give examples of security issues related to mobile apps.
  • Recall time and resource behaviour considerations for mobile apps.
  • Prepare usability tests for mobile apps.
  • Recognise the type of tests required for database testing of mobile apps.
  • Summarise the tests required for internationalisation (globalisation) and localisation testing of mobile apps.
  • Summarise the need for accessibility testing in mobile application testing.

Our ISTQB® Mobile App Tester training course is aimed at anyone involved in software testing who wishes to broaden their knowledge of Mobile Application Testing or anyone who wishes to start a specialist career in Mobile Application Testing.

Our ISTQB® Mobile App Tester training course includes the following:

  • Full Course Materials
  • ISTQB® Mobile App Tester Exam

The entry-level requirement for our ISTQB® Mobile App Tester training course is that you must hold the ISTQB® Foundation certificate.

There is no recommended reading associated with our ISTQB® Mobile App Tester training course.

ISTQB® Mobile App Tester Exam:

The Mobile Application Testing Foundation Level exam is multiple choice. There are 40 questions. To pass the exam, at least 65% of the questions (i.e., 26 questions) must be answered correctly. Hands-on objectives and exercises will not be examined.

Proctored Exam
ISTQB® Mobile App Tester Certificate

Founded in 2002, ISTQB® (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) is a not-for-profit association comprising 47 national boards (including the UKTB) covering 71 countries worldwide.

ISTQB® has defined the Advanced certification as part of their ‘Certified Tester’ scheme that, with over 240,000 certifications, has become the de-facto worldwide standard for software testing qualifications.

ISTQB® Mobile App Tester FAQS

Our ISTQB® Mobile App Tester training course is delivered over two days.


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