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It’s Official, We Are A Leader For ITIL Training

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“It’s official, we are a Leader for ITIL Training”.

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What is Course Conductor?

Course Conductor makes it easy for corporate training buyers to find the best training vendors and courses.

We do that by aggregating unbiased customer review data from the companies that have already purchased training, and the learners that attended the courses.Then we award training vendors with a status of Leaders, High Performers or Contender on a course by course basis within our Trusted Training Radar® Reports.

Why are Trusted Training Radar® Reports useful to training buyers?

Companies that partner with us experience two main forms of value.We reduce the costs of resources needed to select the right training vendor and course, and we reduce the risk of wasting valuable resources on low quality, ineffective training.

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How do you calculate which training vendors are Leaders?

Most importantly, we put the customer’s voice at the centre of the universe.

Our patent pending algorithm calculates 140+ key metrics about each training vendor based on customer reviews.These calculations create overall scores for ‘Confidence To Deliver Training Outcomes’ and ‘Learner Satisfaction’.The scores act as longitude and latitude co-ordinates that enable us to fairly compare and position training vendors on the Trusted Training Radar as a Leader, High Performer or Contenders.

Training vendors cannot pay to be included in our Trusted Training Radar Reports.The only way training vendors can score high enough to be awarded with Leader status, is to truly care about their customers, and consistently deliver their target outcomes.

What makes Purple Griffon a Leader for ITIL® training?

A common customer feedback theme we noticed with the training vendors that scored highest, is a fundamental care and love for their customers.Purple Griffon is one such high scoring training vendor.

Based on 6217 verified customer reviews from companies and people, Purple Griffon scored very high in all categories including quality of trainers, customer service, professionalism, flexibility, quality of course content, learning environment and achievement of course expectations.

Purple Griffon’s customers repeatedly made reference to the expertise and professionalism of the trainers.Learners greatly appreciated the personable nature of the trainers, their depth and breadth of knowledge, and how they were flexible enough to pace the course at the right level for people.Customers also said the quality of the course content and supporting materials are excellent.

Overall, customers felt these aspects contributed to Purple Griffon’s ability to curate a very positive learning environment.

Whilst this feedback is specifically about ITIL®. Purple Griffon also scores highly for other related courses based on 331 verified learner reviews on Course Conductor… for courses such as PRINCE2, Agile, and Fundamentals of Project Management.

You can access all of Purple Griffon’s independent performance analytics in the Trusted Training Radar® Report for ITIL® here: https://courseconductor.com/trusted-training-radar/ITIL® /

Interested in ITIL® training with Purple Griffon?

Purple Griffon specialise in IT Service and Project Management. All Trainers and Consultants have a considerable number of years of ‘hands-on’ experience in IT Service / Project Management, working across a wide number of industry sectors.All trainers have consistently achieved exceptionally high delegate pass rates for accredited examinations for all courses.

Class sizes are kept small, for the optimum learning experience. The maximum class size is 16 people with classes often much smaller. Purple Griffon strive to provide the best possible learning experience for all students.

The key to Purple Griffon’s success is friendly, helpful staff who believe in providing excellent customer service. We all know sales tactics can be annoying which is why Purple Griffon don’t use this approach. No telemarketing. No cold calls. No pestering.


Trusted Training Radar® is a registered trademark of Course Conductor LLC.

Course Conductor’s Trusted Training Radar® report does not endorse any training vendor, or course in the publication.The information contained in the Trusted Training Radar® Report for ITIL® has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable.This includes references from organisations, interviews with training buyers, verified learner reviews, training providers, and online research carried out by Course Conductor Analysts.

Course Conductor disclaims all warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of such information & shall have no liability for errors, omissions or inadequacies of such information.

About The Author

Steve Lawless

Steve Lawless

I've worked in IT for over forty years and spent the last twenty in training and consultancy roles. Since starting Purple Griffon in 2002 I've taught over three thousand individuals in a variety of subjects. I hold qualifications in all four versions of ITIL®, ITAM, UX, BRM, SLM, SIAM, VeriSM, and AI, and co-authored the BCS AI Foundation book. Outside of work, I enjoy skiing (or rather falling over at high speed), reading, science and technology, and spending time with my loved ones.

Tel: +44 (0)1539 736 828

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