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FAQs For VeriSM

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FAQ’s for VeriSM® Last updated 29th August 2019

We will aim to keep this document up to date. As and when we get new questions regarding VeriSM we will add them to our frequently asked questions list.

What does the name VeriSM stand for? - The ‘Veri’ part of the name VeriSM comes from the following terms. VeriSM is: Value-driven Evolving Responsive Integrated Service Management

  • VALUE DRIVEN – due to the focus on the business
  • EVOLVING – as it is up-to-date and will continue to evolve
  • RESPONSIVE – as it enables a tailored approach
  • INTEGRATED – as it helps you understand how the different best practices fit together
  • The S&M obviously comes from Service Management.

What is VeriSM? - VeriSM is a Service Management approach, specifically tailored to support organisations to help them succeed in the world of digital services. It shows organisations how they can best adopt a range of management practices, frameworks and methodologies in a flexible way to deliver the right product or service at the right time to their users.It is a new approach to help you create a flexible operating model that will work for you, based on your desired business outcomes. It is considered a ‘management mesh’.

Who is VeriSM training aimed at? - All professionals and organisations involved in delivering value to customers through the delivery, development, operation and/or promotion of services. VeriSM is designed to build modern and fundamental service management skills and knowledge to enable individuals to fully and effectively participate in a service organisation and to deliver value to the consumer.

Who owns VeriSM? - It is owned by the International Foundation for Digital Competences (IFDC) who developed the body of knowledge around VeriSM.

Does VeriSM replace ITIL? - No, it builds on a number of frameworks and methodologies including ITIL, it does not replace them. In fact it integrates the various forms of ‘Best Practice’ already available and adopted by many organisations. VeriSM is effectively an overarching approach to Service Management. The lifecycle approach to service management and the lower level ITSM process as defined in ITIL will still be required.

How does VeriSM integrate with other methodologies and frameworks? - Verism is the management mesh that links together a number of frameworks, methodologies and approaches. It is an integrated approach to delivering end to end services rather than just focus on one team or methodology. In fact VeriSM will allow you to build upon and leverage any other framework (like ITIL) or methodology that you have already invested in.

What is the ‘Management Mesh’ referred to in VeriSM? - The unique VeriSM Management Mesh, including Resources; Environment; Emerging technologies and Management practices and offers a flexible approach that can be adapted depending on the requirements for your particular products or services.

Are there any entry requirements or prerequisites to undertake VeriSM training? - Not for the essentials or Foundation courses. The only VeriSM course with a prerequisite is the VeriSM Plus course.

What training is available for VeriSM? – There are 3 courses available at present

  • VeriSM Essentials certificate This 1-day course is specifically designed for new entrants looking to develop a service management career. The course culminates in a 30 minute 20 question multiple choice exam. Pass mark (13/20). Successful candidates will subsequently be able to take the VeriSM Plus Certificate, which together with Essentials will give full equivalency to the VeriSM Foundation Certificate.
  • VeriSM Plus certificate - This 1-day course forms a bridge into VeriSM and will build upon your existing service management certifications from most other recognised frameworks including ISO 20000, ITIL® and IT4IT, preparing you for service management for the digital age. The course culminates in a 30 minute 20 question multiple choice exam. Pass mark (13/20).
  • VeriSM Foundation certificate - This 2-day course describes how an organisation can define its service management principles and then use organisational capabilities, emerging technologies and a combination of management practices to deliver value. The Foundation Certificate is a direct introduction to VeriSM and service management for the digital age. The course culminates in a one hour exam comprising of 40 question multiple choice exam. Pass mark (26/40).

Is VeriSM training available as eLearning? - Yes, but currently only the VeriSM Foundation level course and exam are available as an on-line course offering.

Is VeriSM training available as on-site training? - Yes all VeriSM courses are available as dedicated on-site courses. Contact Purple Griffon for available dates and costs.

Is there any training beyond the VeriSM Foundation Level? - A Professional level of training has been announced (October 2018) and training courses will be available from Q1 2019.

How do I find out more about VeriSM and the training courses? - All you have to do is contact one of our friendly Account Managers at Purple Griffon by phone or email.

Tel: 01539 736828

Email: [email protected]

Web: https://purplegriffon.com/

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