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What Is New In PRINCE2® 7?

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What Is PRINCE2®?

PRINCE2®, short for "Projects IN Controlled Environments," is a well-organised and adaptable method for project management. It offers a comprehensive set of guidelines and principles to help you plan, execute, and oversee projects from start to finish. PRINCE2® divides projects into manageable stages, each with clear goals, defined roles, and responsibilities.

It emphasises ongoing communication, managing potential risks, and being flexible to ensure that projects are successfully completed on schedule and within the budget. PRINCE2® is widely adopted across various industries and provides a framework that can be customised to suit the specific requirements of different projects.

The Importance Of Project Management Methodologies

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, where complexity and competition are the norms, project management methodologies play a pivotal role in ensuring successful outcomes. These methodologies provide structured frameworks and proven practices that empower organisations to effectively navigate the intricate terrain of projects.

By offering clear roadmaps for planning, execution, and control, project management methodologies enhance collaboration, mitigate risks, and optimise resource allocation. They enable businesses to align their initiatives with strategic objectives, maximise efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge.

In an era marked by rapidly evolving technologies, global markets, and changing customer demands, project management methodologies, such as PRINCE2®, provide the compass that guides businesses toward delivering results on time, within budget, and with the desired quality, fostering adaptability and resilience in the face of uncertainty.

Evolution Of PRINCE2®: A Quick Recap

PRINCE2® traces its origins back to the 1970s in the United Kingdom. Initially developed as a government standard for information systems projects, PRINCE (then without the "2") provided a structured approach to project management. Over time, this methodology evolved and gained traction beyond the public sector, finding application in a wide array of industries and projects.

The 1996 release of PRINCE2® represented a significant milestone, as it expanded the methodology's scope and applicability to various project types. Rooted in best practices and lessons learned from real-world projects, PRINCE2® has continued to evolve through subsequent versions, including PRINCE2® 2009 and PRINCE2® 2017, with each iteration reflecting a commitment to adaptability, scalability, and alignment with contemporary project management needs.

The history of PRINCE2® underscores its journey from a government-specific standard to a globally recognised and versatile project management methodology that has transformed the way projects are approached, planned, and executed across diverse industries. It's a flexible and adaptable method that can be tailored to any project, regardless of size, purpose, or industry.

The Significance Of PRINCE2® 7

PRINCE2® 7 marks an exciting evolution in the realm of project management. As an enhanced iteration of the renowned PRINCE2® methodology, this new version builds upon a strong foundation of principles and best practices.

With a renewed emphasis on flexibility, PRINCE2® 7 empowers project managers and teams to tailor the methodology to suit specific project contexts, ensuring a more precise fit between methodology and project requirements.

PRINCE2® 7 equips businesses with a robust toolkit to efficiently navigate complex projects, capitalise on emerging opportunities, and deliver exceptional outcomes in an ever-changing business landscape.

Its significance lies in its ability to bridge the gap between structured project management and the dynamic demands of today's business environment, ultimately leading to improved project success rates and organisational growth.

The Arrival Of PRINCE2® 7

PRINCE2® 7 is due for public release in September 2023, with anticipation building around its innovative enhancements. Purple Griffon has scheduled a series of virtual training sessions commencing in October 2023, presenting a valuable opportunity for professionals to delve into the intricacies of this latest iteration and acquire essential insights to elevate their project management skills:

PRINCE2® 6th Edition VS PRINCE2® 7

Present below is the comparison between PRINCE2® 6th Edition and PRINCE2® 7.

PRINCE2® Integrated Elements:

PRINCE2® 6th Edition: There are four integrated elements – Project Context, Principles, Themes and Processes.

PRINCE2® 7: There are five integrated elements – People, Project Context, Principles, Practices and Processes.

Performance Targets:

PRINCE2® 6th Edition: There are six performance targets – Benefit, Costs, Timescales, Quality, Scope and Risk.

PRINCE2® 7: There are seven performance targets – Benefit, Costs, Time, Quality, Scope, Sustainability and Risk.

Delivery Method (Approach):

PRINCE2® 6th Edition: Waterfall, Agile.

PRINCE2® 7: Linear-Sequential Approach, Iterative-Incremental Approach, Hybrid Approach.


PRINCE2® 6th Edition: Continued Business Justification, Learn From Experience, Define Roles & Responsibilities, Manage By Stages, Manage By Exception, Focus On Products, Tailor To Suit The Project.

PRINCE2® 7: Ensure Continued Business Justification, Learn From Experience, Defined Roles, Responsibilities & Relationships, Manage By Stages, Manage By Exception, Focus On Products, Tailor To Suit The Project.

These Principles serve as the guiding commitments and best practices that ascertain whether the project is truly being managed in adherence to the PRINCE2® methodology.

Practices (Used To Be Known As Themes):

In PRINCE2® 7, Themes have been renamed as Practices. Practices are an aspect of project management that must be applied consistently and throughout the project lifecycle. Practices require specific treatment of that aspect of project management for the PRINCE2® Processes to be effective.

PRINCE2® 6th Edition: Business Case, Organisation, Quality, Plans, Risk, Change and Progress.

PRINCE2® 7: Business Case, Organising, Plans, Quality, Risks, Issues and Progress.


In both PRINCE2® 6th Edition and PRINCE2® 7, there are seven processes:

  • Starting Up A Project (SU)
  • Initiating A Project (IP)
  • Directing A Project (DP)
  • Controlling A Stage (CS)
  • Managing Product Delivery (MP)
  • Managing A Stage Boundary (SB)
  • Closing A Project (CP)

What’s New In PRINCE2® 7?

PRINCE2® 7 introduces the following that invigorate the project management methodology:

Integration Of People: It now acknowledges the pivotal role of people in achieving project success. PRINCE2® 7 weaves a human element into its methodology, emphasising the significance of people in effective project outcomes.

Project Performance: PRINCE2® 7 has added Sustainability as a new aspect of project performance to reflect modern organisational needs. PRINCE2® 7 incorporates sustainable practices, harmonising project objectives with environmental and social responsibility imperatives.

Digital & Data Management Approach: The inclusion of a digital and data management framework will aptly address the evolving requirements of project management professionals.

Among the notable additions, a key enhancement is the heightened adaptability, enabling teams to customise PRINCE2® 7 extensively for precise project contexts and organisational needs. This empowers project managers to adeptly manage diverse projects, ensuring alignment with strategic goals.

PRINCE2® 7 also provides guidance on integration with Agile practices and implementing digital transformation projects, blending traditional project management with Agile for seamless collaboration and heightened responsiveness.

The latest iteration of PRINCE2® represents a comprehensive response to the evolving demands of modern projects, equipping project managers and teams with refined tools to master complexity, optimize outcomes, and uphold the standards of excellence PRINCE2® is renowned for.

What Has Not Changed In PRINCE2® 7?

The fundamental nature of a project remains consistent - it's a temporary endeavour, focused on delivering specific outcomes, and always necessitates ongoing business justification.

The overall structure of PRINCE2® remains recognisable, with its Principles, Practices (formerly known as Themes), and a set of Processes constituting the project lifecycle, akin to the previous version.

There have been insightful adaptations and simplifications in the language and content, making PRINCE2® 7 more approachable and pertinent for project managers and those responsible for project management.

PRINCE2® 7 introduces a fresh dimension to the guidance, delivering enhanced value for both organisations and individuals. These refinements are designed to foster a smoother and more effective application of PRINCE2® in real-world project scenarios.

Why Has PRINCE2® Been Updated?

Several factors have played a pivotal role in shaping the evolution of the PRINCE2® methodology, acknowledging that change has unfolded since its last iteration. These factors include things like new technologies, changing values and attitudes among consumers and businesses, and new ways of working, like remote and hybrid setups.

Additionally, people are realising more and more how important it is to have good interpersonal skills, especially leadership abilities. This is where the new 'people-centric' part of PRINCE2® 7 comes in - it helps address this need for better people skills.

PRINCE2® 7 acts as a catalyst to boost collaboration among different teams working on a project, making communication better, helping to understand what everyone involved needs, and ultimately creating an environment where change is not just accepted but fully embraced and put into practice.

From a business perspective, these same factors have greatly influenced how PRINCE2® has evolved. This updated PRINCE2® is in tune with the way things are changing nowadays, giving both individuals and businesses a strong framework to navigate through all these changes and keep moving forward.

Who Is PRINCE2® 7 For?

PRINCE2® 7 is a versatile methodology that caters to a broad spectrum of individuals and organisations involved in project management. It’s suitable for all project managers, whether they are certified or uncertified, and professionals who need project management skills for their everyday tasks.

PRINCE2® 7 Training & Certification

Embracing PRINCE2® 7 as your preferred project management methodology can be a transformative decision that elevates your project outcomes to unprecedented heights. By adopting PRINCE2® 7, you equip yourself with a robust toolkit that empowers you to navigate complexities with finesse, optimize resource allocation, and ensure a laser-sharp alignment of projects with overarching strategic objectives.

As you consider your project management approach, PRINCE2® 7 stands ready to propel your skills and projects toward exceptional achievement. Seize the opportunity to lead your teams confidently through the dynamic currents of contemporary project management, secure in the knowledge that PRINCE2® 7 is the compass guiding you to unparalleled project success.

At Purple Griffon, we provide the full range of PRINCE2® 7 training courses to cater to your project management needs. Our PRINCE2® 7 certification training courses now include complimentary Take2, which is one free exam resit should you fail on the first attempt at the examination:

PRINCE2® 7 Foundation
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PRINCE2® 7 Practitioner
Price: £1049 + VAT
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PRINCE2® 7 Combined Foundation & Practitioner
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Exam Included: Yes

We have scheduled a series of virtual training sessions commencing in October 2023, contact [email protected] or call +44 (0)1539 736 828 for more information. There has never been a better time to become PRINCE2® certified!

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