The ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Transition (MPT) Deadline Has Now Been Extended Until 30 September 2022. Last Chance To Transition From ITIL® V3 To ITIL® 4! Learn more

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The Complete Guide To ITIL® 4

Do you want to stand out from your colleagues or improve your salary prospects? Read "The Complete Guide To ITIL® 4" to learn how to drive your career forward with ITIL® 4 and be ready for the predicted future skill gaps.

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Life After ITIL® 4 Foundation: What's Next?

Are you ITIL® 4 Foundation certified? What are your next steps? Read our article "Life After ITIL® 4 Foundation: What's Next?" to learn about the different ITIL® 4 Managing Professional and ITIL® 4 Strategic Leader training courses.

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What Are The New ITIL® 4 Extension Modules?

On the 28th of September 2021, PeopleCert announced that two new ITIL® 4 Extension Modules would be joining the ITIL® 4 certification scheme in late November 2021. But, what do we know about them so far?

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Top Paying IT Certifications For 2021 In The UK

What is your motivation for becoming certified? If your primary goal is to earn a higher salary, there has never been a better time to do it. We've ranked the most lucrative certifications and what you need to do to get them.

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5 Undeniable Reasons To Love DevOps

Have you been struggling to keep up, meet production goals, and deliver excellent customer value in the development cycle? This is where DevOps comes in. DevOps can keep up with this need for speed. Read our article "5 Undeniable Reasons To Love DevOps".

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How To Explain The ITIL® 4 Framework To Your Colleagues

​Have you ever found yourself trying to explain the ITIL® Framework to someone who isn't exactly IT savvy? At Purple Griffon, we love a challenge, so we are going to explain the ITIL® 4 Framework in a way that your colleagues can understand - in 700 words...

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