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Agile Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Training Course

Are You Looking For Success In Scrum?


The two-day Agile Certified Product Owner (CSPO) training course is interactive and investigates the Scrum framework in detail, from theory and foundations to practical application, covering all the team roles, activities, and artifacts. You will focus specifically on the Product Owner role.

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Exam Not Included
2 Days
£995Excl. VAT

Course Outline

The Agile Certified Product Owner (CSPO) training course will show you how to participate actively as a Scrum Team member, deliver a successful Scrum project and communicate those details to key stakeholders.

  • Participate Actively As A Scrum Team Member Generally
  • Function Effectively As The Product Owner For The Scrum Team Specifically
  • Deliver A Successful Scrum Project
  • Explain And Sell Agile And The Scrum Framework To Other Key Stakeholders
  • Collaborate Effectively With Key Stakeholders And Customers
  • Create And Maintain The Product Backlog
  • Fulfill Your Essential Role In Sprint Planning And Sprint Review Meetings
  • Participate In Daily Scrum Meetings And Sprint Retrospectives
  • Understand And use the full Range Of Scrum Artifacts (Sprint Backlog, Burndown Charts Etc.)
  • Understand How To Operate Scrum With Fixed Price Contracts And Third Party Supplier Relationships
  • Help Your Team Or Organisation To Transition To A More Lean And Agile Way Of Working Using Scrum With Other Lean And Agile Approaches Such As Kanban, EXtreme Programming And AgilePM


The Agile Certified Product Owner (CSPO) training course is suitable for anyone looking for success using Scrum. It is high-quality training delivered by a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum and Agile tutor with over twenty years' of training and consulting experience. You will be given a sound understanding of Scrum Principles and Practices.

About the Course

The Agile Certified Product Owner (CSPO) training course cover the following topics:

Scrum Framework Overview

  • Sprints, Increments, Releases; Scrum Roles: Product Owner, ScrumMaster, Development Team;
  • Teamwork And Impact On Traditional Roles; The Scrum Meetings;
  • Scrum With Third Party Contractual Relationships

Product Vision And Roadmap

  • Stakeholder Engagement And Management; Product Business Model And Market Analysis;
  • Setting Project Scope And Objectives; Defining And Communicating The Product Vision

Building And Managing The Product Backlog

  • Defining Product Backlog Items; User Stories And Other Requirements Techniques;
  • Prioritising And Ordering The Product Backlog; Splitting And Sizing Product Backlog Items;
  • Prioritisation Including MoSCoW And Kano Analysis

Progress Tracking

  • The Definition Of Done; Understanding The Sprint Backlog; The Daily Scrum Meeting;
  • Acceptance Criteria And Acceptance Testing; The Sprint Review Meeting
  • Burn Down Charts And Scrum Boards; The Sprint Retrospective

Release Management

  • Release Planning; Estimating And Velocity;
  • Progress Tracking And Forecasting

Scaling The Product Owner Role In Scrum

  • Product Ownership With Multiple Scrum Teams;
  • Product Ownership With Distributed Scrum Teams

Who Should Attend

The Agile Certified Product Owner (CSPO) training course is useful for anyone who wishes to be successful using Scrum. It has been found to be helpful to those setting out on their Agile journey, as well as those with previous experience but who now want to consolidate their knowledge or address questions that have arisen based on their experience.

For specific roles, this training is excellent for Product Owners, Product and Project Managers, Business Analysts, Agile Coaches, ScrumMasters and Team Leaders, Process Owners and Managers, Functional / Departmental Managers, and other roles requiring a deeper understanding of how the Product Owner role operates.

Materials Provided

  • Handbook, Materials Including Reference Manual
  • Highly Skilled & Knowledgeable Tutors
  • Agile Product Owner (CSPO) Examination
  • Refreshments
  • Lunch

Organisational Benefits

  • You Will Achieve Tangible Business Benefits Quickly
  • You Will Be Able To Predict And Repeat Release Schedules
  • You Will Have A Better Team Work And Collaboration
  • You Will Identify Constraints Addressed Earlier In The Lifecycle

Individual Benefits

  • You Will Get A Solid Base Of Scrum Knowledge Enhancing Your Career
  • You Will Stay Relevant And Marketable
  • It Will Help You To Work Better With Your Peers
  • It Will Help Influence Your Organisation To Adopt An Agile Methodology


There are no prerequisites for the course, however students are expected to complete the pre-course reading required.

Prior to attending the course, students should familiarise themselves with the Scrum Principles, as well as additionall suggested reading found on the Scrum Alliance website.


We would advise that you familiarise yourself with key Scrum Principles, which can be accessed online.

Exam Overview

Agile Certified Product Owner (CSPO) Examination

In order to become a Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification (CSPO), you will need to successfully complete the 2 day course, following which your name will be registered with the Scrum Alliance. Unlike the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) course, the CSPO course is not examined and you will automatically be granted CSPO status once you are registered with the Scrum Alliance.

Exam Type

No Exam

Professional Development Units - PDUs

After successfully completing the course, you will be asked to accept the CSPO License Agreement and complete your Scrum Alliance membership profile successfully completing the course, you will be asked to accept the CSPO License Agreement and complete your Scrum Alliance membership profile


Agile Product Owner (CSPO) Certification

Next Steps

The two-day Agile Certified Scrum Master (CSM) training course will cover the Scrum framework and both the fundamentals of being a Scrum Master and a wealth of advanced topics.


The Agile Certified Product Owner (CSPO) training course has proved helpful for those just starting their Agile journey, as well as those with previous experience who wish to consolidate their knowledge.

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