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5 Undeniable Reasons To Love DevOps

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More deployments. Improve productivity. Deliver customer value. Now!

Have you been struggling to keep up, meet production goals, and deliver excellent customer value in the development cycle?

I get it. It might all seem kind of overwhelming right now. Don't worry. This is where DevOps comes in. DevOps can keep up with this need for speed.

When I first learned about the DevOps model, it felt a little bit like falling in love. Everything was new, exciting, and it taught me to embrace the velocity of change.

After you have finished reading this article, you will understand the benefits of DevOps, and just maybe you will fall in love with DevOps too.

What Is DevOps?

DevOps (Development + Operations) is the combination of practices and tools designed to increase a business's ability to deliver services faster than traditional software development processes. As a result, organisations can better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market.

In simple terms, DevOps removes the barriers between traditionally siloed teams, Development, and IT Operations. Under the DevOps model, Development and IT Operations work collaboratively across the entire software development lifecycle, from development and test, right through to operations and support.

Where Did DevOps Come From?

The DevOps movement started sometime in 2008 and began with a discussion between Patrick Debois and Andrew Shafer. It was born from the collaboration of developers and operations leaders expressing their concerns about the industry and how to get more work completed.

Interesting Facts About DevOps

Here are some fast facts about DevOps:

⮕ 58% of organisations witnessed better performance and enhanced ROI.

⮕ 47% of companies have seen reduced time-to-market of software and services.

⮕ 68% of companies that have deployed DevOps have seen improved end-to-end customer experience.

5 Undeniable Reasons To Love DevOps

1.DevOps Improves Customer Experience & Satisfaction

The main goal of DevOps is to deliver high-quality software to end-users at a faster pace. DevOps is the answer to the modern customer's demands and allows you to develop, test and deploy code within minutes in some cases. You will be focused on making the lives of your customers better through the products you build. In DevOps, you aim to get customer feedback quickly and use it in an iterative manner to constantly improve your products or services. You need to stay close to the customer and avoid any process that distances you from your customers.

You must have a customer-focused mindset for true DevOps transformation.

2.DevOps Brings People Together

Dev includes all of the people involved in developing software products and services, such as Architects, Business Representatives, Customers, Product Managers, Project Managers, QA Testers, Analysts, and Suppliers.

Ops includes all of the people involved in delivering and managing software products and services, such as Information Security Professionals, Systems Engineers, System Administrators, IT Operations Engineers, Release Engineers, Database Administrators (DBAs), Network Engineers, Support Professionals, and Suppliers.

In DevOps, different teams work together to achieve common organisational objectives. This means that the teams won't be isolated and work only towards department-specific goals. DevOps is the secret to high-achieving IT Teams. It helps to foster more robust and more productive teams.

DevOps touches virtually every aspect of IT – culture, automation, management, quality, HR and organisational structure. Of course, DevOps success doesn't happen overnight, but the process becomes increasingly smooth when everyone works towards a shared purpose.

3.DevOps Automates Labour-Intensive Activities

If you are looking to achieve speed and agility, the DevOps approach emphasises the automation of all processes in software development. It allows you to perform tasks with reduced human assistance and facilitates feedback loops between Development and Operations Teams.

DevOps and automation are the two key components that help businesses to streamline the development process. Automation removes manual errors, dependency on individuals, performs faster and is far more accurate. This results in consistency and reliability. DevOps automates labour-intensive activities that reduce creativity and productivity. You will move towards frequent and faster releases. You might be thinking, what DevOps processes should be automated? The answer is simple - almost everything that can be automated.

4.DevOps Aligns IT & The Business

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. It can help you to align your IT and business objectives. DevOps allows you to become more agile, outsmart the competition, grow your revenue and delight your customers. DevOps ensures that business value is created by all departments, especially IT. The focus is to shorten feedback loops, continuous improvement and put the customer's needs before everything else. All of this creates loyal and happy customers as well as a successful and innovative company.

5.DevOps Leads To Faster Fixes

If you follow DevOps practices, you can expect to see a decline in known defects. Developers will fix bugs rather than allowing them to continue on in the build. This results in fewer known problems in the system. This is the goal of shift left - a practice intended to find and prevent defects early in the software delivery process. DevOps also reduces the gap between Developers, IT Operations, and customers, allowing for earlier problem detection. This standardisation prevents roadblocks and saves your team countless hours of work.

Where Can I Become Certified In DevOps?

Everyone has a part to play in DevOps. It's not just about the following roles:

✔️ DevOps Evangelist

✔️ Automation Architect

✔️ Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

✔️ Software Developer

✔️ Software Tester

✔️ Security Engineer

✔️ Database Administrators

✔️ Product Owners

Our DevOps training courses are a great starting point for an individual or organisation wishing to embark upon the DevOps journey.

We'll teach you the fundamental DevOps values, practices, and techniques, which is essential as you move towards improved workflows and faster deployments.

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Test Your DevOps Knowledge

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