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DevOps FAQs

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DevOps FAQs

What is DevOps? - DevOps is a combination of cultural practices, tools and philosophies that enables an organisation to increase its ability to evolve, improve and deliver software applications, products and services at a higher velocity than using traditional methods of software development and infrastructure management processes. DevOps is also a culture that promotes collaboration between Development and Operations Teams.

DevOps Certification Training Courses DevOps Certification Training Courses

Who started DevOps? - Long story, slightly shortened… It is widely agreed that Patrick Debois from Belgium and Andrew “Clay” Shafer from the US met in 2009, and coined the term ‘DevOps’, This then led to the first ‘DevOpsDays’ event in Ghent.From there is all history…fairly recent history… It’s stated that Debois’ inspiration came from watching an online webinar by two Flickr engineers John Allspaw and Paul Hammond who at the 2009 O’Reilly Velocity Conference proposed integrating development and operations into an automated infrastructure with shared version control and one-step build and deployment.

DevOps cycle

Why do we use DevOps? – The main purpose cited for the use of DevOps is to enable faster release and deployment cycles by taking advantage of:

  • agile development methodologies
  • improved collaboration between business stakeholders
  • integrated application development and operations teams
  • automation tools

What is Agile DevOps? - DevOps makes use of various agile methodologies and expands the practice beyond agile software development into operational activities including testing and release and deployment.

What are the advantages of DevOps? – There are many advantages and benefits achieved through adopting a DevOps approach, including:

  • Improved agility
  • Removal of silos
  • Faster development cycles
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Faster, quicker deployment of new systems and apps
  • Improved business and IT alignment
  • Increased communication
  • Improved transparency
  • Continuous service delivery

What DevOps training is available? - There are currently three DevOps accredited training schemes. Those being run by (The DevOps Institute, DASA and the BCS). Although at a ‘Foundation level’ they all cover roughly the same content, the intermediate and advanced levels of training for each scheme are different and the three schemes are not compatible, meaning that you can’t switch from one to another.

Purple Griffon currently offers both DevOps Institute and BCS DevOps training

Is DevOps training available via eLearning? – Yes two DevOps Foundation online training course is available

BCS DevOps Foundation Online

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