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How To Pass PRINCE2 Foundation Exam

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How To Pass the PRINCE2® Foundation Exam

Are you eager to excel in project management? PRINCE2 certifications are your golden ticket! Discover the quick route to pass the PRINCE2 exam: study the principles, practices and processes diligently. Tailor the methodology to suit diverse project scenarios. Embrace practice exams to hone your skills. PRINCE2 certification bolsters your project management credentials, opening doors to exciting career opportunities. However, be prepared for exam challenges. Unleash your potential and conquer the PRINCE2 exam to elevate your career in the project management realm!

In this blog we will be discussing ways to help you maximise your success on your PRINCE2 Foundation exam. Lets dive right in!

How to Pass the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam

Passing the PRINCE2 7th Edition Foundation exam requires a combination of preparation, study, and practice. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you succeed in the exam:

Understand the PRINCE2 Methodology

Familiarise yourself with the PRINCE2 framework, its principles, practices, and processes. Read the official PRINCE2 manual, which is the primary reference for the exam.

Enroll in a Training Course

Consider joining a PRINCE2 Foundation training course. These courses are designed to provide structured learning and guidance, offering insights into the methodology and exam-specific tips.

Use Additional Study Materials

Supplement your learning with additional study materials such as online resources, books, videos, and sample questions. These can help reinforce your understanding and clarify any confusing concepts.

Practice with Sample Exams

Take advantage of practice exams and sample questions available online or provided by your training provider. These mock exams simulate the real exam environment and give you a feel for the types of questions you can expect.

Review the Manual and Study Notes

Regularly review the PRINCE2 manual and your study notes to reinforce your learning and improve retention.

Focus on Key Areas

Pay special attention to the seven PRINCE2 principles, practices, and processes. Understand how they interact and apply to different project scenarios.

Understand Key Terminology

Be familiar with the terminology used in PRINCE2, as the exam may test your knowledge of specific terms and definitions.

Time Management

During the exam, manage your time wisely. If you encounter challenging questions, don't spend too much time on them. Move on and come back to them later if needed.

Stay Calm and Confident

Exam stress can affect performance. Stay calm, read the questions carefully, and answer to the best of your knowledge.

Schedule Your Exam Strategically

Choose a date for the exam when you feel adequately prepared and have completed your study and practice.

Remember that passing the PRINCE2 Foundation exam requires effort and dedication. It's essential to study consistently and set aside sufficient time for preparation. With a focused approach and commitment, you can increase your chances of passing the exam and obtaining the PRINCE2 Foundation certification.

How Hard is it to Pass the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam?

How Hard is it to Pass the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam? text in front of a pencil filling out exam questions on paper

PRINCE2 Foundation is an entry-level certification, aimed at providing candidates with a basic understanding of the PRINCE2 methodology. It tests your knowledge of key principles, practices, processes, and terminology used in PRINCE2.

The difficulty of the exam is relative to your preparation and understanding of the PRINCE2 framework. If you have studied the official PRINCE2 manual, attended a training course, and practiced with sample questions, you should be well-prepared to pass the exam. Many candidates find the exam manageable and attainable with focused study.

It's essential to remember that every individual's experience may differ, and success ultimately depends on your dedication to learning the material and your ability to apply PRINCE2 principles in real-life scenarios. If you are serious about obtaining the PRINCE2 Foundation certification, ensure you allocate sufficient time for study and practice, and consider taking advantage of any available training resources or practice exams.

What Are Useful Topics to Study for the Foundation Exam?

What Are Useful Topics to Study for the Foundation Exam? text in front of a man studying with a tablet and a book

To succeed in the PRINCE2 7th Edition Foundation exam, it's essential to focus on key topics and concepts that are likely to be tested. Here are the most useful topics to study for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam:

PRINCE2 Principles:

Understand the seven PRINCE2 principles and their importance in guiding project management decisions.

Memorise each of the 7 principles:

  • Continued Business Justification
  • Learn from Experience
  • Define Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships
  • Manage by Exception
  • Manage by Stages
  • Focus on Products
  • and Tailor to Suit the Project

PRINCE2 Practices:

Understand the seven PRINCE2 practices that provide a step-by-step approach to managing a project. Study the flow and objectives of each of the 7 practices:

  • Business case
  • Organising
  • Plans
  • Quality
  • Risk
  • Issues
  • Progress

Tailoring PRINCE2:

Learn how to tailor the PRINCE2 methodology to suit the project's size, complexity, and specific requirements.

Understand the importance of tailoring to ensure PRINCE2's adaptability to different project environments.

PRINCE2 Terminology:

Familiarise yourself with key PRINCE2 terminology and definitions used throughout the methodology.

Relationship between Practices and Principles:

Understand how the PRINCE2 practices relate to and support the seven principles.

Foundation Exam Format:

Know the format of the PRINCE2 Foundation exam, including the number of questions, exam duration, passing score, and any special exam rules.

Practice Exams:

Regularly practice with sample exams and past papers to gauge your understanding and identify areas that need further review.

Time Management:

Practice time management during your exam preparation and actual exam to ensure you can answer all questions within the allotted time.

Remember that the PRINCE2 Foundation exam is designed to test your understanding of the PRINCE2 methodology, its principles, practices, and processes. Focusing on these key topics and practicing with sample questions will help you build confidence and increase your chances of passing the exam successfully.

What Types of Questions Are Asked in the Exam?

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam questions are multiple choice, 60 of them to be exact over the space of 60 minutes.

What is the Best Way of Revising for the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam?

How Long is the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam?

  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Format: 60 Multiple-Choice Questions
  • Closed-Book Exam: Yes
  • Pass Mark: 36/60 Or 60%
How Long is the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam? text in front of a person filling out multiple choice answers on paper

On the day of your exam, your Proctor will verify your ID. You are responsible for ensuring the ID used to register and take your exam is valid and acceptable. On your exam day, if you do not present valid and acceptable ID, or the First/Middle Name(s) and Last Name of your ID do not exactly match the name you used to register for your exam, you will not be allowed to test and will not be entitled to a refund. You will, however, be able to re-book your exam following the standard exam booking process. Your ID must:

  • Be current and valid – ID containing dates that have expired are not allowed.
  • Be an original, not a photocopy.
  • Include a recognisable photo of you.
  • Match the information you gave when you booked your online exam.
  • Be a government-issued national/state/province identity card that is recognised by the country in which you are a citizen or permanent resident.
  • Contain your Birthdate/Year.
  • Contain your First/Middle Name(s) and Last Name in English (Latin) characters.

What’s the Best Way to Prepare For the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam?

There are many resources out there to study for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam including:

  • Quizzes
  • Blogs
  • Study material
  • Re-reading the PRINCE2 Foundation book

What Comes After the How PRINCE2 Foundation Exam?

After taking the PRINCE2 examination you will receive a sore, telling you if you pass or fail. If you fail we provide a free TAKE2 which means you can re-take the exam for free giving you a high chance of passing. If you do not pass the exam again, there is an option of purchasing a PRINCE2 Foundation Exam.

If you pass your exam, the next step is using your knowledge in your organisation or industry. If you want to further your knowledge there is a PRINCE2 Practitioner 7th Edition course which provides more in-depth knowledge into managing projects.

If you would like to discuss with us what courses to take next or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help.

Final Notes on How to Pass PRINCE2 Foundation Exam

To help pass your exam you should focus on the core principles of PRINCE2 7th Edition Foundation, which include:

  • The 7 Principles
  • The 7 Practices
  • Processes
  • Glossary (Terms and Definitions)

You can revise these subjects through blogs or reading the PRINCE2 7th Edition Foundation book. Once you have revised these subjects, you can then test your knowledge with online quizzes, or by asking someone to test your knowledge.

Now that you have sufficient knowledge on PRINCE2, its time to familiarise yourself with the exam, how long it is, how many questions, and what to expect. Then its time to book your exam and pass!

If this article helped you, please share with others to help them pass too!

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