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COBIT 5 Foundation Online (30 Days) Training Course

Become COBIT 5 Certified In Only 30 Days

Proctored Exam
30 Days Access
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Do you want to learn about the COBIT framework? Or would you like to earn some industry-recognised qualifications from home?

This COBIT 5 Foundation online training course will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to COBIT 5.

The COBIT 5 Foundation training course uses official content with the permission of ISACA®.

Purple Griffon's COBIT 5 Foundation online course will help you to become COBIT certified from the comfort of your very own home or office at your own pace.

If you have any questions about purchasing this COBIT online training package or would like some tips about learning from home, then you can have a chat with one of our friendly course advisors on +44 (0)1539 736 828 or email and they will be able to help you straight away.

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Course Outline

The COBIT 5 Foundation syllabus is below:

Module 1: Overview & Key Features

Module 2: Principles

Module 3: Enablers

Module 4: Implementation

Module 5: Process Capability Assessment Model

Module 6: Exam Preparation


The COBIT 5 Foundation online training course will explain the elements of the COBIT 5 framework and will help you build your knowledge and understanding of the COBIT 5 guidance.

What will you learn during the COBIT 5 Foundation online training course?

  • Understand the governance & management of enterprise IT
  • Create awareness with their business executives & senior IT management
  • Assess the current state of their enterprise IT with the objective of scoping what aspects of COBIT 5 would be appropriate to implement

This COBIT 5 training course contains 6 easy to absorb modules covering terminology, structure, concepts and value. It will be particularly relevant to you if:

  • It is your goal to make your IT department more aligned with business requirements.
  • You are tasked with meeting regulatory and statutory requirements or government targets that demand IT services are properly evaluated, directed and monitored.

About the Course

The COBIT 5 Foundation online course is also a prerequisite for the following training courses:

COBIT 5 Implementation
COBIT 5 Assessor

    Who Should Attend

    The COBIT 5 Foundation online course is aimed at the following roles:

    • Business Management
    • Chief Executives
    • IT/IS Auditors
    • Internal Auditors
    • Information Security
    • IT Practitioners
    • Consultants
    • IT/IS Management

    It would also be suitable for those who have studied ITIL® or ISO/IEC 20000, although this is not a requirement.

    Materials Provided

    This COBIT 5 Foundation online training course includes:

    • COBIT 5 Videos
    • COBIT 5 Quizzes
    • COBIT 5 Exercises
    • COBIT 5 Pocket Guide
    • The Official COBIT 5 Foundation Syllabus
    • COBIT 5 Foundation Sample Exam

    The duration time will start as soon as you access your online learning portal, or after 28 days - whichever is sooner.

    Organisational Benefits

    What are the organisational benefits of the COBIT 5 Foundation online training course?

    • Achieve strategic goals and realise business benefits through the effective and innovative use of IT.
    • Support compliance with relevant laws, regulations, contractual agreements and policies and gain competitive edge over other organisations.
    • Reduce complexity and increase cost-effectiveness due to improved and easier integration of information security standards, good practices and/or sector-specific guidelines resulting in operational excellence through reliable, efficient application of technology.
    • Improved integration of information security in the enterprise, resulting in increased user satisfaction with information security arrangements and outcomes.
    • Understanding of responsibilities and roles in Cyber Security within the organisation.
    • Better understanding of current Cyber Security posture and risks to the organisation.
    • Understanding of actions required to close gaps between current Cyber Security posture and target state.

    Individual Benefits

    What are the personal benefits of the COBIT 5 Foundation online training course?

    • Understanding of business requirements, mission objectives and their priorities.
    • Understanding relationship of business systems and their associated risk appetite.
    • Ability to make informed decisions to reduce information security incidents.
    • Understanding of all compliance requirements for each business unit.
    • Deliver this understanding and risk awareness to improve prevention, detection and recovery within an organisation and provide tools to their organisations to maintain high quality information to support business decisions.
    • Understand COBIT approach to governance and its relationship with other IT best practices.

    Technical Requirements


    • Screen Resolution: 1020 x 768 or above
    • Network/Internet Connection: 4Mb (megabits) or above
    • Windows XP or higher
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6+
    • Firefox 3+
    • Safari 4+


    • Screen resolution: 1020 x 768 or above
    • Network/Internet connection: 4Mb (megabits) or above
    • Mac OS X 10 or higher
    • Firefox 3+
    • Safari 4+

    Purple Griffon advise you that you use the Firefox Web Browser for the best educational experience and have compatible speakers or headphones.

    Please Note: You will be required to have some form of photo ID (passport, government ID or equivalent) for the examination. If the examination includes a document to be printed, then please ensure that you have a printer in the room where you will be sitting the exam. Some examination institutes will ask you to have a small mirror or reflective surface and the proctor will request that you hold this up to show there is nothing attached to the webcam or even the laptop itself. Also, Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave must also be installed on your desktop or laptop prior to the examination.

    For a successful COBIT 5 Foundation online exam, you will need:

    Web Camera 640×480 resolution 1280×720 resolution
    PC Users Windows XP Windows 7
    Mac Users Mac OS X or higher Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
    Internet Download Speed .768 Mbps 1.5Mbps
    Internet Upload Speed .384 Mbps 1.5Mbps
    RAM 1024MB 2GB


    There are no formal entry level requirements for the COBIT 5 online training course and does not require existing knowledge of COBIT 5.


    There is no prereading or precourse work required for the COBIT 5 Foundation training course.

    Exam Overview

    COBIT 5 Foundation Online Examination

    • Exam Duration: 40 Minutes
    • Exam Format: Closed Book, Multiple Choice Questions
    • Exam Delivery: Online, Webcam Proctored
    • Exam Pass Mark: 50% (25/50 Questions)

    Exam Type

    Proctored Exam

    Professional Development Units - PDU's

    The COBIT 5 Foundation online course provides 21 PDU'S (Professional Development Units).


    COBIT 5 Foundation Certificate

    Next Steps

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    The ITIL4 online training courses will include more practical guidance to help your organisation to tailor your own ITSM strategy, which will help you to adapt to the increasingly complex modern service environment.

    The ITIL 4 online courses will also help you to focus on concepts like value, outcomes, costs and risks, as well as a very strong focus on continual service improvement.

    Some of the core ideas from the current ITIL versions like Incident Management, Change Management and Problem Management still exist in the ITIL 4 Framework, but ITIL 4 gives a way more holistic view.

    Purple Griffon offer the following easy and affordable ITIL 4 online training courses, where you can become certified from the comfort of your own home or office:

    Start your ITIL 4 journey today and your brand new ITIL 4 qualification could be earned online in just 30 or 60 days!


    Congratulations! Once you have successfully passed the COBIT 5 examination, then you will be awarded the COBIT 5 Foundation qualification.